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On vacation…

for the next week and a half – the first 5 days will be spent at our cabin in northern (lower) Michigan. Yesterday my dad and my uncle flushed 147 bats out of the cabin roof and sealed a hole … Continue reading

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A Thought for Every Category

Because, after all, it’s an everything in between kind of day, n’est pas? Do I Dare to Eat a Peach? Sam and I live in a small condominium community. We rent our condo from a lovely woman, who has owned … Continue reading

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A promise is a promise

I promised myself when I began this particular blog that I would blog at least every other day. I’m not quite sure why I chose this time frame – it just have just seemed managable. But like last night when … Continue reading

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Have you ever noticed how occasionally certain issues continually reappear throughout the course of a week or two? How everybody seems to be talking about the very same thing you were thinking about? I wrote about this a while ago … Continue reading

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Dick DeVos and I have broken up

I have to admit, you had me for a minute, Dick DeVos. You make some good points.  Your commercials, what with you driving around southern Michigan, lamenting the disrepair our cities have fallen into;your interviews with our salt-of-the-earth, down-on-their-luck citizens, … Continue reading

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So Here We Are

It is 5:30 a.m. here in suburban Detroit, and I actually managed to get out of bed to write before work. It's a whole new era. Birds are chirping wildly outside this morning, which I noticed because last night our … Continue reading

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Transfer #24 from Blogspot

of mice and men And it grows. Like a tumor in the backs of mice. We had elaborate studies, but no data was collected. Ten years of research… is going down the drain. For humans, this is very, very bad. … Continue reading

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