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Reflections on a Day spent at my kitchen Table


Worked from home today, and spent the majority of my day at my pretty kitchen table, littering the glass top with folders, files and drafts of work. And pork rind crumbs.  Here is what my day looked like:

7:00 – Sam, who I didn't hear wake up an hour earlier, wakes me up.  One doesn't want to sleep in when her boss has placed trust in her to do the job from home.   Cancer waits for no (wo)man.

7:02 – Poured staggeringly large cup of coffee and started reading the paper.  Thought about writing a letter to the editor. (note – may still do that this evening).  Of note: in pittsburgh a student came to class the friday before the superbowl wearing a denver bronco's sweatshirt. Teacher led class in throwing wads of paper at the student and forced said student to sit on the floor for the day.  The inhumanity of humanity, swear to god.  Ah, well – that man is going to hell for sure.

7:30 – Poured more coffee, turned on the Today show.  Canada elected conservative prime minister more in line with Bush's politics.  Well. Harumph. No longer can make the "I'll move to canada threat," which is just as well because it's very ineffective.

8:00 – Peed. Coffee. Jesus.

8:15 -opened lap top.  Searched on the south beach site to see what i've only lossed 6 lbs when I CAN'T EAT A FUCKING THING.  Site assured me the plan would work if I worked the plan.

8:30 – opened work email.  Lost two hours of life to emails. Do they not understand I'm a writer?  That I'm not in the office for a reason? Moreover, I've only been there three months – how can they possibly depend on me this much?

10:30 – Mini-mental rant about email, and the demands it places on us, and how distracting it is, and…

10:35 – Made eggs

10:40 – Ate eggs

10:50 – read about carcinogens and how many cancers are man made

11:30 – thought about all the years I breathed in Alpena's foggy green, cement-plant, paper-plant polluted air.

11:35 – Looked up pollution and cancer relationship in internet

11:45 – checked out weird mole on belly

11:50 – Sam calls from work. He has the flu. He is coming home. He doesn't understand it. He  did, after all, GET A FLU SHOT.  Point out the shot only protects against one strain. He says I'm wrong. and etcetera.

11:55 – Shit. Still in pajamas.  Quick shower and house clean-up so I engender trust.


1:00 – Sam arrives home, looking like he'd gone on a three day bender.  Gave him airborne and put him to bed

1:05 – Ate some spinach and some pork rinds. Come on, weight loss.

1:15 – Actually read for my actual job

3:30 – Gave Sam more airborne and turned him over. I heard that prevents bed sores

3:45 – Actually wrote for my actual job

4:30 – Talked upset writer friend out of proverbial, professional suicide. She was all "my book is crap" and I was all "No it isn't, it's GREAT,you just haven't found your audience," and she is all "No, no it's crap and I'm just gonna give up and get a real job" and I was all "no, no – it'll be fine" and she was all "well, maybe…" and then we complained about James Frey and it was good.

5:30 – see 3:30

6:00 – visited blogs. decided to blog but had nothing of import to say.  This is how I predict the rest of my evening will go –

6:30 – work on opening essay for manuscript

7:00 – Give up. Have worked very hard for the day. Pour rum in glass and turn on the television

7:20 – Put porkchops in the oven. Come on, weight loss

*the rest of the evening will be spent watching some television, cleaning, and planning tomorrow, and putting on one of those clay masks. And turning sam and giving him airborne.

10:00 – Try to finish book received from my mother who apparently has no taste in novels anymore.  Sad, that is.

10:40 – make sure husband is properly sedated in the other room

10:45 – pray for world peace, everybody's health, proper use of my talents, boss's dad, my minister, because he asked us to, family and that everything will….

I always fall asleep by then.

Later, folks.

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