Transfer #16 from Blogspot

I somehow lost a whole long post…


technology is NOT my friend today.  For one thing, my ipod died, just died for no reason (it isn't the battery!) during work today.  And while I shouldn't be hooked on such a ridiculous piece of equipment, I am. Hopelessly, crazily hooked and in love with my ipod. And it's broken, with the screen frozen (forever?) displaying Walk Through the Bottom by Lyle Lovett.  I work in a lively ( the nice term) environment where it's most acceptable to yell down the hall "Hey! Did you read this fucking piece of shit? I mean, did you read it? What is (INSERT SOME COLLEAGUE'S NAME HERE) thinking with this crap? Mine eyes! Mine eyes!"  So often the only way to get anything, well, accomplished is to put plug in the little white earphones of my ipod and cruise along to Lyle, John, Jimmy, Jonny – all the men I love so much, who take me away from writing about polyps and club fingers and broken lungs by promising long open country roads, endless whiskey, nights dancing in the middle of some podunk bar, oh, do we have a wonderful time! In  a world where everybody seems to *hate* their jobs, where responsibility is passed around and around because people are so scared to accept any, in this little world of mine where it seems like almost everybody I meet is miserable, well, my ipod takes me to, if not a happier place, a place a whole lot more romantic, and one that allows me to write that sometimes, people just get cancer and die, for no reason.

And then tonight – I came home, went for a run (okay, a walk/run. a walky-run. whatever), ate some chicken and some artichokes and some low-carb ice cream, and wrote this WHOLE LONG POST. About the genocide happening in Darfur and Chad.  Tonight, my blogging audience and I would learn something. Think about it. Maybe discuss it.  It went with the whole idea of the public, the private and everything in between pedagogy behind this blog.  Saturday was very private.  This, this post about Darfur and Chad – Public.  You know how I roll.

But…it…just…went…away.  And my ipod is forever frozen.  And it's Monday night and I am tired and so I guess all I'll share tonight is that bad things are happening in Darfur and Chad. Very very bad, dark things like murder and rape, and our country can't intervene because all of our resources are tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan – but we're safer now, really! We are, as a country, DOING THE RIGHT THING.  We are avenging 9/11, and freeing people, and spreading democracy.

The sun didn't set on the British Empire, until the British Empire began to self-destruct, yes?

It's all just too much to think about tonight, isn't it? Sometimes, it can all just be, too much.



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