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A post in which I use a lot of capital letters


All I'm saying is, wow.  I mean, really.  I am so Martha Stewart I can barely stand myself.  Last night I made a rum cake that literally gives me reason to live, even though I can't even eat it! We are talking crisp, warm, gooey golden goodness from a BUNDT pan which I had to borrow, then covered in a GLAZE that had to both bubble and boil and had several steps.  Wonderhusband at one point says "I thought all you had to do was pour rum into batter for this cake-" He is still alive, against all the odds.

AT THE SAME TIME – are you ready for this – AT THE SAME TIME – I made white chili on the stove, which also had to bubble, boil, and involved a shit ton of chopping, dicing and measuring.  And my Christmas tree is standing, and presents are BEAUTIFULLY wrapped beneath it. Fresh sheets are on the bed (from wonderhusband – "why do our guests need fresh sheets?" Again, still alive.  Fabulous.  And beyond all of this, I am actually, officially IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT, yes, that's right, I am singing and happy and loving my in-laws and my family and excited about the whole damn weekend.   I SANG ALONG WITH JOSH GROBIN ON THE RADIO FOR GOODNESS SAKES.  I mean, honest to pete.  Singing at Christmas.

Maybe tomorrow I'll burn the roast and fry the chocolate cake and our ceiling will leak, but after our car wreck and our circuit breaker blew upand all other sundry matters, today I feel blessed with God's grace.  If I don't get to post before Sunday, Merry Christmas. 

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