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* seriously, I'm not sure how I survived without a food processor or an omelette pan.  I mean, I just received both two days ago for Christmas and since then chopping food and flipping omelettes has never been so delightful. I mean, I'm chopping vegetables to PUT INTO my fabulous omelette pan which i ONLY HAVE TO FLIP ONCE.  Quite the investment in my health, I think.

* Sam was in a car wreck last week (he's fine, he's fine, the dodge is totalled, weep) and this week he is looking for cars and has decided he wants a truck, a big truck, a ford 150 kind of thing, and I am quite sure he's lost his mind, because who drives a truck that big, and what possible reason could he have for wanting one? Am I not giving him enough love, enough attention?  Do I not make him feel manly? Who is this mad man? Men, help! Why the truck? Why the desire? I mean, it's not like we cart dead animals around regularly and *finally* have the opportunity to get them out of a sedan. 

* Like we do every year after christmas we are accessing our finances and best deciding how to spend our dinero in the upcoming year – this is our annual thing and we enjoy it – it feels like cleaning house only better, because we get to talk theoretically about stuff while drinking.  So, what could you not live without? Sam doesn't want to give up satellite radio, I don't want to give up blockbuster, both of us willing to give up extravagant cable but NOT the DVR.  Sam every year wants to sacrifice the newspaper but I never let him (I mean, that's really just one step a way from reading our books online, mais non?) and we go back and forth, back and forth on whether to buy a house (ah, the backyard! The grilling opportunities! The flowers we could plant!) or to keep on renting (wasted dollars? I think not! No lawn to mow, no rooms to paint – I mean, I am many things, but a decorator I am not.  Our rooms have looked basically the same since we moved in together when we were 21 and I have every reason to believe that give or take  a couch and a new tv, they will remain the same when we are 81)  – Does everybody have such difficult times making decisions, or are Sam and I crippled by too much potential? I wonder.

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