Greetings from the Sanitorium

I hope you all are well. Sam and I, our little household of two, well, we are okay. That is to say, we are recovering, for we have been most ill.  But first, business before pleasure!

My colleague KJ Stevens has a new book of short stories out.  Check out his website, see what you think. Kim has been writing ever since he knew what a pen was, and has been doing it diligently, every day thereafter.  Previous books and publications to his name and he’s only in his early thirties.  You can read more about his book, and peruse some of his writings here:

Another colleague, Jessica Mesman, has recently published an immersion essay in the latest edition of the literary journal Images.  She said it’s available at Barnes and Noble…not, apparently, at my Barnes and Noble where they looked at my like my face had morphed or something, so I had to order it online. However, for most of you, in more developed parts of the world,  your Barnes and Noble or Borders should have this journal.

Enough about other people and their writing.

For the love of all things holy, can someone with a wordpress account please tell me how to do a bogroll??  Instead of posting last night I thought it would be neat to develop my blogroll, since I read so many amazing blogs (really, this is where the best writing rests, people.  I can think if at least fifteen people that should have lucrative book contracts right now) and every time wordpress told me I had successfully added a link, and yet the links never show up? I spent a ridiculous and embarrassing amount of time on this. Do you see my links? Are they just not showing up on my computer? Do I need a different theme to even have a blogroll? Any thoughts on this would be very appreciated.

Okay, now for the pleasure part of the blog.   Well, really – I had all of these topics I planned to write about upon my return from our long vacation, ranging from the difficulty of giving my husband space when he needs it, to the trend of authors lately creating slimmer novels, to the healing qualities of West Town Corner Lake in mid-summer, but all that went out the cliched door – Sam and I got sick. Not so sick that you justify leaving your vacation, but hit with lazy summer head colds that just hang around and around and generally muddle your head enough to prevent any real, say, thought from happening.  The slightest hint of pollen caused us to sneeze, and eventually the cold moved into our chests and we began coughing and coughing and coughing, which effectively kept many of the more irritating birds away.  Because we couldn’t do much beyond cough, medicate and nap we missed most of our vacation but managed to treat each other softly.  And it was a shame, too, because northern Michigan was just stunning this trip, all eighty-degree days and sun-dappled afternoons.

Upon returning, I learned that M. has the same cold, so she did not end up coming to visit and she and I and Sam and spent the weekend convalescing instead of catching up.

All of which is to say I don’t have one thing to share with you. Not one. Seriously.  Today is the first day I felt better, and perhaps I could think of some interesting topic to write on, but Sam is hovering around my periphery because I promised him we would finally balance the checkbook and then, go for a walk, because  we have done neither in so many days.  And he keeps trying to clean up my writing table as I type this, because for whatever reason he has this absolutely pavlovian response when I am writing, which is to find a million ways to interrupt it.  I am not quite sure why this is, but I think it stems from his inability to remain still, which is usually sedated by school work, but since it’s summer, well, you seen my problem.  And for the most part it’s okay that he reacts this way because I usually rarely write when he’s home, but this cold and the vacation have left me a little bit behind, causing me to write when normally I’d be ready for Sam.

So with any luck the return to topical writing will return with the next post, and in the meantime hopefully someone can help me sort out this blogroll problem.

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3 Responses to Greetings from the Sanitorium

  1. litlove says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you’ve been poorly – summer colds are such a drag! Still, gives the immune system a chance to boot up again. On the blogroll front, I don’t know what you’re doing wrong. I go into the dashboard, select bookmark, select add bookmark, fill in the information (url, name, about) and ask it to ‘add’. That’s usually it. WordPress blogs are even easier, because when you visit them, there’ll be a menu above on which one option is ‘add to blogroll’. Try one of these to see what happens. If all fails, click the feeback box on your dashboard and explain the problem. They are usually fabulously quick to respond.

  2. bloglily says:

    I’m so glad you’re back! Sorry about your cold, of course — I hope your sanitorium stay doesn’t turn into anything prolonged, in a Magic Mountain kind of way! I’m going to remember that tip of Litlove’s about using the feedback box when all else fails. Do you think they can help with non-computer issues? Looking forward to what comes next! Best, BL

  3. kj says:

    Thanks for the plug, Court. I appreciate it. Christ, we have been writing and keeping at it for a long time, haven’t we. I hope to hell we make our marks. If not in the “big” world, in our own little worlds where people will read our writing, know us, and pass us along.

    Nice writing, as usual…

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