As I was saying…

I’m going to try and recreate what I originally meant to say, earlier today, but since it’s late and I’ve spent two hours doing crowd control for work, and I am tired and actually just stress-ate a big chocolate frozen yogurt, and now definitely and absolutely have to go the gym, I think we’ll add an old post to the poetry category and compose an off-the-cuff poem. 

To the person who googled the name of my first (or second) boyfriend, and found my website instead: 

It is true that I can’t quite remember,

if first I “went with” Tom or Curt;

they both had azure eyes, strawberry blonde (truly! Strawberry blonde!)

hair, and the broadening shoulders of thirteen year old boys who drink a lot of whole milk, and burned it off –

but certainly Curt was my first kiss

underneath a tall oak tree (seriously! A tall oak tree!)

on a late spring day, sometime before I wore

contact lenses, so my glasses got in the way.


And oh, that kiss! I thought I was a lesbian.

it was a very junior high kiss, and I kept one

eye open the whole time to watch for my dad’s

old blue jeep to come rumbling down

first street



Curt broke up with me four weeks later, who

knows why, really. But in case you googled him for a job interview, or for a background

check for a first date, or maybe you ran into him on the street in some exotic place,

perhaps a chance meeting in a
Paris café,

or doing aid work in

and thought, “I’d like to know him  better” – well, you

should know four years later he apologized for breaking up with me, and

I realized the world between thirteen and seventeen

isn’t always as big as you think it is.


And if, when you googled his name and found information

on a semi-prominent African-American politician,

that is not who I kissed.


And thank you, for reminding me of my casual attitude

towards real names.

I’m in the process of changing them all.

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1 Response to As I was saying…

  1. bloglily says:

    Oh, oh, oh. What a terrific poem! I didn’t know you could do that (I should have known, but I didn’t.) BL

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