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I am honored to be everythinginbetween’s first guest blogger.  I have never done this before, I am not a writer but I do amuse myself and honestly, that is what is important to me!  Let’s get to this. . .

I have a confession.  I am a reality TV junkie.  I can’t help it, I can’t deny it, and I can’t avoid it.  If there was a 12 step program for Reality TV junkies, there would be an intervention, but I would resist the better judgment of my loved ones (by the way, turns out there is a reality show called Intervention!).  The first popular reality show was The Real World.  I never watched it, I know a true junkie should have started with Pedro, Judd, Puck and all that San Francisco Real World crew (cause come on, that was the first REALLY interesting Real World).   Yes even though I didn’t watch it, I know all about it. Anyway, back to my reality history.  It was 1998:  I had just finished reading The Beach, by Alex Garland.   Days later while reading the newspaper I found true genius; it was The Beach, in a game show format, it was Survivor.  I had no idea that my life would change that day.  16 people on an island voting each other out.  How will they do it?  Is it natural law, survival of the fittest?  Or do weak people vote out strong people.  What kind of guilt will be involved?  Will it be as good as I am imagining?  Oh it was, it really was.   In 12 seasons, I have only missed one episode of Survivor, I was on vacation and my awful roommate took away one of the most important events of the week, honestly I almost cried.   I thank God every day of my life for the invention of Tivo, I have never missed Survivor again. 

Next in the line of reality guilty pleasures was a little show called Temptation
Island, remember it?  Oh, it was great!  Beautiful oversexed 22 year old hedonists who wanted ME to watch them ponder the most important questions of their lives: “should I kiss that beautiful boy even though I know my boyfriend may be watching? What the heck, I know A. wants me to, so I’ll kiss that dreadlocked god.”  My habit evolved, I became interested in the real competition shows, and yes they are real!!  I love American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, but close to my heart will always be a little show I like to call STD Hotel, okay it was Fox’s Paradise Hotel, but I was the only one watching it so I can call it what I want.  STD Hotel had it all.  Beautiful people, ugly people, tropical settings, drinking, smoking, the ever important eliminations, and a winner who is chosen by a jury who hates them!  These people were a voyeurs dream, they jumped into bed with anyone, they drank anything, betrayed everyone, and were extremely self righteous about all of it; Pure heaven!    

Last winter I was laid off and out of a job for two months.  Sounds stressful right?  Nope, I had a job lined up it just didn’t start for a while.  Let me tell you I loved it!  I met so many new people!  I met Bobby Brown, Danny Bonaduce.  I met the girls from 4 seasons of America’s Next Top Model, I met all those crazy, good looking kids from
Laguna Beach, and I met the newest group of America Idol contestants.  We were all the best of friends. 

A few of the shows that I have loved are: Newlyweds, The Osbourne’s, Ashlee Simpson, Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D List,  Surreal Life, Queer Eye, The Simple Life, Big Brother, Fear Factor, Murder in Small Town X, My Super Sweet Sixteen, I’m A Celebrity Get me Out of Here, Next, Made, The Amazing Race.  Honestly, there are just too many to name!

I wonder why I love these shows.  I have a few theories, one is laziness.  Seriously, who has time to get wrapped up in those never ending serials on TV?  I like reality shows because they have a defined beginning and an end.   I think something else that drives me to watch these shows is the chance to think outside of my own personal box.  I watch Survivor and wonder what I would have done in that situation.  Could I lie like that?  Would I pretend to like these people?  What would my personal item be?  I’m sure my armpit hair would not be that obvious on camera.  And most importantly, if I invite my dad to be my special guest from home would he kick butt in the competition (because I would win them all and wouldn’t want him to make me look bad),or would he choke?  Watching these shows I am the ultimate backseat driver, I can see where everyone goes wrong.  I think that I feel superior to the contestants, I know that I would not make the same mistakes they do.  I would not trust the wrong people.  I would not annoy everyone.  After weeks with no shower my body odor would not be offensive.  I think that these shows really boost my ego.   The feeling that I could always do better than the contestants, I wonder if that is what other people get out of these shows.

I try not to analyze my love for reality TV but  one thing I know for sure, if there is ever a world without Reality TV, I don’t want to live in it.

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