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Language as Performance

A warning: After rereading this, I fear it sounds a little too “woe is me” writerly, but I can’t do much about that now – it’s done and I have a meeting. So forgive me if this is a little melodramatic – it … Continue reading

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Sunday morning – final weekend post

Okay, so this weekend on this blog I managed to (a.) complain about my job, (b.) fail to successfully post a picture and (c.)– not much else. We’ll return to regularly scheduled program Monday. I have my writing group in … Continue reading

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A weekend in pieces

This weekend, I intend to post several times (and my definition of several is probably 2-4) instead of one longer post. This is mainly because our weekend is incredibly fractured. Today I have to attend the state fair as part … Continue reading

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War and Remembrance

Last night I went to bed a little lonely, even with S. right there.  On Tuesday I finally completed War and Remembrance and going to sleep after an Updike short story instead of say, in France with Leslie Sloate or … Continue reading

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Fifteen confessions in ten minutes, and maybe poem number six

I wrote a post earlier today (no! I did not lose it this time!) comparing writing to the performing arts but for the life of me I couldn’t choreograph the language in any way that worked and so I chose … Continue reading

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Beginnings, Endings, Rejections

Received a rejection email from an online literary journal first thing this morning.  The email complemented me on the final pages (a good sign, I guess, that the editor made it that far) and said it could probably be placed … Continue reading

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For S., on the occasion of (nearly) our sixth anniversary

Six years ago young men in rented tuxes and girls in diaphanous azure dresses gathered on the lawn of the 1st Presbyterian Church in Alpena, Michigan, and placed bets regarding how long our marriage would last, six months, a year, or maybe … Continue reading

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I wrote a post, my computer froze, I lost the post

and now there is no time left to regain lost footing.  So I’ll just say that I think Bill Clinton has secretly been reading my blog, I ate potato chips for lunch at this forced work-picnic thing (the only things … Continue reading

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A meme and the fourth poem…

Litlove from Tales from the Reading Room created this lovely meme – I try to do memes on ‘off’ posting days so they don’t substitute for my own blogging – but I love them so! Also at the end of this … Continue reading

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if you are not interested in Michigan, politics, an utterly unqualified and uneducated opinion, or soapbox temper tantrums. If you’re still here, hello. How are things? First of all, if I wasn’t scared enough every time I have to cross … Continue reading

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