A Foolish Consistency…

is the hobgoblin of little minds.  Or is it a foolish inconsistency? For most of my life I knew this phrase to be a foolish consistency but I recently engaged in an argument where the other arguer SWORE it was a foolish inconsistency but that doesn’t EVEN make sense, does it? And yet, now I doubt myself. Anyway, as I was saying, a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds and I didn’t post yesterday, definately disrupting this rhythm we all have going, and I fear I can’t post much today because people at work are swamping me and it would be foolish to forgo deadlines for blogging, lose my job, be unable to pay my cable bill, and then not ever be able to post.  It’s a vicious circle, n’est pas?

Here is one reason I don’t like working in the ‘real’ world: It makes so true the cliche ‘poor planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine.’ How nice it would be if that were true, but as the community writer I am pretty low on the totem pole (seeing as to how, you know, I’m not actively curing/fighting/waging war on cancer) and it also means that when somebody, anybody, needs something written, I must do so post-haste. Which has been happening frequently this week. People have kept projects in their email boxes for weeks and just this week realized they are due tomorrow and have forwarded them all on to me, your friendly neighborhood science writer girl. Poor planning on their part DEFINATELY constitutes an emergency on mine.  And any free time I have is dedicated to the little essay that could, which must be mailed out Monday because, well, I say so.

Hopefully I will post more tomorrow. Possibly saturday. DEFINATELY I will by Sunday.  I think we were in a rut anyway, all the mystery was gone – all the romance disappeared.  I now plan to be all moody and distant.  Don’t you want to fix me, save me from myself?

Seriously, though, I do have more printer woes to share, and more funny work stories to offer, so hopefully soon I can get these projects off my desk and return to my semblence of normal.

In the mean time, check out my blogroll – you can link forever and forever and forever from it, to the best writing out there.  Seriously, you click on one, and it will take you to another and another and another ad infinitum, because there are better people than I out there, who somehow have found a way to balance, well, everything.

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3 Responses to A Foolish Consistency…

  1. bloglily says:

    Did you hear that crash? It was the sound of all the things I’m balancing toppling over: something that happens every few days. The problem for me is that whenever someone comes over to our house, I stuff all the papers and mail and other detritus, some of it urgent and some of it not, into a big paper shopping bag and shove the bag into the closet with the sixty or seventy other such shopping bags and then… well, I forget about it until I get an urgent call or letter asking me why I didn’t do some urgent thing. Gah. I’m looking forward to hearing about that printer problem and how it’s all going at work. Best, BL

  2. Well, at least we try our best. I must go back to litlove’s site and find that post about the art/life balance and hang it on my wall – I’m really beginning to think there is NO such thing! I might just try your shopping bag system though! At least I’d have a place to PUT things.

  3. kj says:

    Balance? What in the hell is that? I think my balance is imbalance. That my stability comes from having continuous instability. Recently, I have found myself in a nice batch of instability – I have a lack of balance – and though I felt all stuffed up and unable to (and unwilling) write for a day or so, I wrote today. And will continue to write today. It’s when I feel I’m falling down or apart that this writing really comes in handy. Like a rope. Dangling for me to grab before falling over the edge. Or a friend at the door. When I’m on the ledge.

    Anyway…I look forward to your next.

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