The one movie Meme

Emily has written a wonderful post on her site about what she calls the Meme virus, taking us all back to the days of slam books and Michael Jackson sticker books. Okay, the Michael Jackson sticker book is my contribution. Do you remember those? I do, because I was NOT allowed to have one.  My parents sometimes joke that I only recall my childhood through what I was not allowed to do, and while that is certainly not the complete truth, to some extent it’s accurate. I was NOT allowed to watch TV (bloglily!) and once we did get a television I was not allowed to watch anything except PBS. When you are not allowed Barbie Dolls (unrealistic expectations of female form) or Cabbage Patch Kids (just plain creepy) or the Brady Bunch (too much blond hair) or sugar cereals (not good for you), well, you are left out of certain conversations  groups and forced to find other like minded children to play with.  Lucky for me we have now all found each other on the internet and, as Emily pointed out, we have grown-up slam books to share, which is why I’m here today on a Wednesday of all days.  Now, some love the memes and others hate them, but I fall solidly in the LOVE category because I enjoy learning about other people and I REALLY enjoy talking about myself, and this meme particularly rocks because its helping me fill out my blockbuster online cue. So, here it goes:

1) The first movie you remember seeing on the big screen.
The Muppet Movie – for years all we had in Alpena was an old movie theater with a balcony and a curtain and everything…I remember the curtain opening and just falling instantly in love with the whole shebang, the popcorn, the black floors, the story…

2) Movie from which you can quote multiple lines in your sleep.
Steel Magnolias.  But I didn’t realize this until home for Easter this year and it was on and I realized I knew it by heart.  I was, what, in my early teens when this movie and Fried Green Tomatoes came out and oh, how M. and I watched those two movies over and over and over again…
3) Director (dead or alive) with whom you’d most like to have dinner.
Oh, this is hard, as I’m not so familiar with directors. I’d have to say Cameron Crowe as I think we could make a really, really great film together and, at the very least, we’d listen to some excellent tunes. Hey, do you think people that famous google themselves? Cameron, if you have googled yourself and found your way here, i have this screenplay that came second in a contest and…and…really, email me! We could make art, baby, ART!

4) Movie that should have won an Oscar but didn’t.
Good Night and Good Luck.  And I think Terrance Howard should have won Best Actor this winter.

5) Movie that didn’t disappoint despite being an adaptation of a book.
Lonesome Dove.  My dad rented the miniseries for me when I was home sick for a week from school and it felt so comforting to ‘see’ all my favorite characters for hours on end when my head hurt to much to read.  That also began my high school crush on Tommy lee Jones.
6) Movie you were dragged to by someone else expecting to hate but loved.
The Lord of the Rings. I never really enjoyed the novels as a kid, not being a huge fan of anything elfy, trolly, etc., and Gollom scared me to pieces, but I loved this movie when I saw it.
7) Movie that still scares the crap out of you no matter how many times you see it.
 Arachnaphobia.  Oh. My.God. All. Those. Spiders.  It replaced The Fly.  Is anybody going to see Snakes on a Plane? Now THAT’S scary, snakes on a plane…

8) Movie that still makes you bawl, no matter how many times you see it.
Dead Poet’s Society – Oh Captain! My Captain!

9) Movie that still has you rolling around on the floor with laughter no matter how many times you’ve seen it.
My Cousin Vinny –

10) I’m tagging anyone who reads this and blogs!

Happy Wednesday, everybody.

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11 Responses to The one movie Meme

  1. litlove says:

    Great answers, Courtney!

  2. Emily says:

    And if Cameron Crowe emails you, will you invite me to that dinner? I’ll invite you to mine when Jonathan Demme googles himself and tells me he’s coming (if he’snot too offended that I don’t worship him).

  3. bloglily says:

    Fab, so fab. I hope you get that screenplay MADE! (And I love what you say about how many of “us” have found kindred souls out here.)

  4. Sue Crocker says:

    I don’t remember the first movie on the big screen, but I do remember the first drive in movie.

    Pollyanna. Then Sleeping Beauty. (Early sixties in San Angelo, TX)

    I can quote all sorts of lines from Dune. 🙂 So can my middle son. That’s the movie that made a reader out of him.

  5. Ingrid says:

    Oh, Dead Poets Society, is so beautiful indeed. It should have been on my list too. The scene in the end where they step on the tables. Find me my kleenex!

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