Why I love blogging…

because, in the midst of creating a 250 page document which reads something like this:

PDT is a procedure for sensitizing neoplastic tissues and their vasculature to visible light; if sufficient light dose can be delivered to photosensitized tissues, tumors can be eradicated in animal models…

I can take short breaks (which, if the time ever comes, I will defend as absolutely necessary to maintain my sanity) and come across Yeats and engaging arguments about chick lit and thoughts on illness and fellow writer’s angst and heartbreaking short stories and a thousand other fascinating topics (and if I didn’t link to you yet, I will another day, I promise) and realize I am actually in very good company. There is a whole group of people just like me, working day jobs and cleaning  houses and raising children (well, I’m not doing that yet) and trying to squeeze enough time out of the day to begin the next chapter of  books. 

I am so, so glad I am a writer, and that I do so as much for my own pleasure as for anything else. I’m not sure what I would do if my identity was tied up in my job, in for decades it was assumed that lysosomal disruption would cause necrotic cell death… my boss left work utterly frustrated today with the way our institution is run, and she went home to watch home repair shows on television and work in her garden.  Don’t get me wrong – I love some mindless television and right now I’m freaking out over two of my plants that are dying slow deaths on my front porch, but I’m glad that, at my core, going home means rejoining the characters in my short stories and my novels and that that feels so much more like real life than almost anything else.

On another note, it looks like one of the articles I wrote (for work) is getting some positive responses, which is nice.  It might get picked up by some papers.  If so, I’ll link to them because, well, why not?

Have a great weekend everybody…a longer post tomorrow.

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19 Responses to Why I love blogging…

  1. I love my blogging life too – it’s escapist, but it’s also real because it’s about the things that interest me. I’m also glad to have discovered like-minded writers, readers, parents via my blog. The best thing for me is that I’m writing so much in my blog, that I’m finding my creative voice again. At last. After a few years’ rest. Long live blogging!

  2. bloglily says:

    It’s interesting to see how blog writing intersects with other kinds of writing. I’m going to guess that as long as one dcoesn’t spend all one’s time writing sentences like those you’ve teased us with (really, you must know a lot about SCIENCE!), or all one’s time blogging and commenting, or all one’s time struggling to find exactly the right word for a single sentence in a 100,000 page novel, well there must be some wonderful cross-fertilization going on. I get a lot of inspiration from hearing what other people are thinking and doing, much more than from reading I do where I don’t feel like I really know the people — for example, don’t know that their husbands like sports, or they live in Germany but have also lived in Afrida — things like that make the words jump out of the page and inspire me to write more pages of dialogue in my novel or post something about what other people are discussing. Blogging is also a place — a respectable place — to put all those things that crack me up or worry me or interest me. As Charlotte says, Long live blogging!

  3. litlove says:

    Ah I love blogging too, and I’m growing very fond of the people I’ve met through blogging. We all of us have this secret blog life, don’t we, and it’s like sharing a wonderful, creative club.

  4. Emily says:

    All I can say is that blogging, for all kinds of reasons, has gotten me back to writing a novel with which I was struggling for years, and this incarnation is exactly what it should have been all along. So, even though I’m starting back at square one, I’m more excited about it than I’ve ever been.

  5. Courtney says:

    Thanks for all the comments! What I love so much about blogging is having whole other worlds at my fingertips when I am mometarily sick of mine…tired of reading about carcinogenesis? Trip on over to someone’s blog and read about Proust. Not to mention meeting so many fabulous bloggers! It is like a secret club, but without blackballing or rules!
    Long live it!

  6. kj says:

    Court –

    Yes, please share the article you mentioned. It would be nice to read some of your “work” writing.

    So happy that you continue to blog. Makes me feel good just knowing you’re out there getting at it.

    Makes me smile. Yes, that’s what it does.

    Blogging has really kept me focused. Disciplined. Knowing that there might be a few people out there tuning in makes me sit at this keyboard and bang out the words. Every day.

    Take care…

  7. Dorothy W. says:

    I love the community of bloggers too. I’ve never had the experience of writing being so effortless and fun, and I’m sure it has a lot to with the non-required nature of it, but also with the wonderful comments I get back. I wonder sometimes if all the sudden blogging were my job or if I got paid to write in this way, if I’d come to see it as a chore.

    Yeah for the positive responses to your article!

  8. Courtney says:

    Kim, I’ll send you the article via link. And if anything happens with it I’ll let you know! And you’re right, blogging is really great for discipline – it keeps me focused and also helps me think through ideas I might want to push further off-line.

    Dorothy, hi! i’ve been enjoying your site for a while now and really need to start posting over there. I agree about blogging being effortless! I have to say, if I got paid for blogging I still think it would be more enjoyable than my current job, but my current job is pretty okay anyway. I’m really very lucky in that respect!

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