A weekend in pieces

This weekend, I intend to post several times (and my definition of several is probably 2-4) instead of one longer post. This is mainly because our weekend is incredibly fractured. Today I have to attend the state fair as part of my workplace’s annual “family fun day”, S. has a Law Review picnic, and tomorrow I have my writing group while S. has a Moot Court something or other. S. is VERY involved in his law school, if you can’t tell. He says he is MAKING CONNECTIONS and PADDING HIS RESUME but the truth of it is he enjoys more than anyone I know total and complete busyness – he is not very good with down time, although by the beginning of August it wasn’t unusual to see him slumped in his favorite chair watching endless baseball on television, which just proves enough down time can turn even the most prodigious a little slothful. And everyone needs a little sloth, now and again.

Anyway, our work is having our “family fun day” at the State fair, and from the get go I thought it ridiculous anyone from our department should have to attend. My department is made up of four (five on Monday) women, two single, two married, and none of us have any children. Since this day is specifically designed for children, with pig races and three-legged races and face painting and rides, I NEVER assumed I’d have to go, but my boss always tries to “do the right thing” and to her, the right thing is having our department represented, which she told us over lunch, and then added casually, “but I have a wedding out of town, so I can’t go.” And then K., the youngest and usually most enthusiastic employee (she’s 22) said “And I’m going up north for the weekend,” which left J. and I, both nearing 30, both childless, as the department representatives.

“We really got screwed,” J. said.

Yes, yes we did. While I generally don’t mind representing my place of work (I believe fully in our mission), a fun day at a fair includes several things I can’t stand – namely, large groups but more particularly LARGE GROUPS OF PEOPLE IN LINE FOR FREE FOOD, clowns, and a long drive on Saturday morning. There are supposedly to be 1000 people there.

So now I have to go jump in the shower and wash off my cynicism and recalibrate and remind myself that I am doing the right thing, and I need to be …enthused. Did I mention it’s raining today, though?

In other news, I’m reading a provencal cookbook and I realized last night I have no idea what either bechamel or pistou are.

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5 Responses to A weekend in pieces

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    I, too, would totally hate having to give up weekend time for a family-fun day at the fair. Forget “doing the right thing” — what about having time to yourself?

  2. Dorothy, I agree. And I often don’t mind working flexible hours – ie, going to events out side of work, but it’s been very high-pressure there lately and when I would normally be fine with outside activities, this week it just feels really hard!

  3. bloglily says:

    That is a big bummer, is all I can say. I hate things like that. But now, I’m scrolling up … to find out what happened! xxoo, BL

  4. Katie says:

    I tend to boycott the State Fair too. Can’t blame you. Now the question is, when you DO have children, would anything change, or would that still not be your cup of tea?

  5. Katie says:

    PS- The mention of fairs always reminds me of Charlotte’s Web.

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