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Praise God, we live in the world with Pat Conroy

You know how last week I wrote about what a great week I was having, and how surely I would be paid back for my hubris? Well, payback really IS a bitch and this week I’ve been slapped around all … Continue reading

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WordPress is screwing with me…

a post I just wrote has gone poof – just…poof.  I don’t know where. Let me know if you find it.  Unfortunately, I don’t have time for rescue work a la Kevin Costner and the dude married to Demi Moore, … Continue reading

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Saturday morning gut-check

A profile I pitched to a magazine out of Atlanta has been accepted – I’ll link to it on my website once,well, I have a website. Now, if only favorite online literary magazine would write back and accept my essay, … Continue reading

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I, for one, am shocked –

What the insanely wealthy, ‘west-side’ scion has to say:  The lead from the Free Press: Republican candidate Dick DeVos said Michigan school districts should be allowed to teach intelligent design in science classes as a possible explanation of diverse life on Earth, injecting … Continue reading

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In Pursuit of Grace, both physical and emotional

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m taking a ballroom dance class with my friend Katie and her roommate Jamie.  It’s a very particular kind of ballroom dancing called Motown Ballroom dancing, ballroom steps set to music as varied as Diana Ross, … Continue reading

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A stack of books, a pile of laundry and numerous looming deadlines

The summation of my Sunday. This post will be short (I know, I’m always saying that. But I’m serious this time! Really!) – I have to actually go work for a bit tonight. The last two weekends have passed much … Continue reading

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Empire Falls

I am not a litblogger.  That is to say, I didn’t start blogging in order to write about what I read.  I started blogging about a year ago through yahoo blogspot, and enjoyed it well enough. I used (and still … Continue reading

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Question: What to blog when the mind is blank?

Answer: Bad Poetry! A poem, in six minutes ten minutes In my office, a new buzzword has appeared – more like a phrase, actually. “The fire is_______________” It emphasizes a way to prioritize work. “The fire is, the quarterly newsletter,” … Continue reading

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A thought for (almost) every category, #2

Books Read/Currently Reading/Fall Reading Challenge/On the Nightstand As I noted earlier, I’ve completed A Walk in the Woods.  I didn’t have any time to read yesterday so I’m still working my way through Empire Falls.  Up next is The Paper … Continue reading

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In brief…

I have been writing all day. I mean ALL DAY. From home, since my downtown office shares a building with the Detroit Public Schools, and the Detroit Public School teachers are on strike, and while I am 100% in favor … Continue reading

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