A stack of books, a pile of laundry and numerous looming deadlines

The summation of my Sunday.

This post will be short (I know, I’m always saying that. But I’m serious this time! Really!) – I have to actually go work for a bit tonight. The last two weekends have passed much too quickly and my equilibrium is all screwed up now. Without plentiful time to read, write, exercise and blog I grow really grouchy, and such is the case today.  It’s one of those glorious Michigan autumn days where the leaves are just beginning to turn but the air is still warm, the kind of day where the seasons meet, summer temperatures colliding with long expanses of cobalt sky and golden trees.  A perfect day for running, which I did, and a perfect day to visit the library, which I also did, and now it’s time to head out to work for a bit, which it is unequivocally NOT a perfect day for.  My mom visited this weekend, which is why I haven’t had the usual amount of time to see friends, lose myself in movies and novels, mop my floors. But there will be time, there will be time…

I went to the library in search of a novel to complement Paper Lion,  thinking I might choose Gilead, but upon entry both Stephen King’s The Cell  and Janet Evanovich’s latest book were available so I scooped those two up instead and am very much looking forward to falling into both of them.  Exchanged my provencal cookbook (usable recipe: 1) for Moosewood’s latest vegetarian (had to hide from S., who flinches at the very thought of vegetables), and checked out several books on grieving and Vietnam Veterans, all research for my novel.   So there is much reading to be done, which is always exciting.

Didn’t write this weekend, but did spend enough time organizing my various writing projects, which felt necessary and inspiring.

Is it like this where you live? In Michigan, right after Labor Day, everyone grows deadly serious and recognizes all the work they’ve been neglecting over the summer, and all of a sudden long hours and dour faces are de riguer.  Because our hospital is associated with an university, the added pressure of the school year calendar kicks in.  I enjoy both the emotional and physical attachment to the seasons we experience here, but suddenly, anything of any import pops up in September, and I’ve had to cancel dinner plans and “make myself available, be a team player.” The fire is, our latest visiting doctors.

And so, I have to go, leave the keypad and throw on something decent (not my short skirt and t-shirt I’m currently wearing and BEFORE YOU JUDGE, it’s laundry day!)  and smile at the doctors, leaving behind a thousand and one stories I’d like to tell, twelve books from the library, and forsaken sushi with A.

But you know, the light’s just right today. And I did get to run, and drink coffee with my mom, and kiss my husband, and come here, however briefly. And when I return, well, the words will wait. They always do.  It’s important to recognize, occasionally, at least for me, that mostly, I’m growing into the woman I’ve always wanted to become, and if that means the occasional Sunday sacrificed, that’s okay.  It’s so easy to meet every conflict with negativity, to see everything the crops up as an imposition,  when really the world is replete with opportunity and joy.

I sound crazy.

But like I said, the light’s just right today. I’m a nut for good light.

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6 Responses to A stack of books, a pile of laundry and numerous looming deadlines

  1. bloglily says:

    A perfect way to look at your day, in that light. I’m up late working, and will try to do the same. –BL

  2. litlove says:

    You are very good at being philosophical about your rime schedule, Courtney and not grumpy at all! You should see me when I can’t get everything done I want to do (well, perhaps better not…) Around here everything gears up in October, when the students return. You can just feel the wheels starting to turn faster and faster. So, a couple of weeks of peace left…

  3. bloblily – Oh, hope you got a nice night’s sleep after working late! Take care of yourself!

    Litlove – well, I HAVE to be philosophical, or otherwise I would lose my mind. Enjoy your last two weeks of peace – cherish every moment!

  4. Dorothy W. says:

    I teach, so I’ve all the sudden gotten busy these last few weeks, and everything changes — sigh. No guilt- and work-free evenings and weekends for quite a while. It’s great, though, that you recognize that you are who you want to be, and that that makes the busyness more bearable.

  5. Emily says:

    In my world, actually, things slow down a little in September in October. Manuscript deadlines for spring publication are in July and August, and then deadlines for fall publication are in February and March. This year, my authors all met their deadlines (when they don’t, fall can be hell), and so I can enjoy the fall a little more and even take a vacation. The downside to all this, of course, is that when everyone else in the world is in a “have-fun-let’s-go-out-it’s-the-middle-of-summer” frame of mind, I’m snapping at them that I don’t have time.

    I, too, become very grumpy when I can’t read, write, and exercise.

  6. Dorothy – being connected to a university schedule, for me, is at once frustrating and reassuring. You know, for instance, that you’ll have very little free time in October, but ah, when summer arrives – such sweetness!

    Emily, isn’t it funny how necessary striking a balance happens to be? For me it’s vital in order to be both happy and healthy!

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