I, for one, am shocked –

What the insanely wealthy, ‘west-side’ scion has to say: 

The lead from the Free Press:

Republican candidate Dick DeVos said Michigan school districts should be allowed to teach intelligent design in science classes as a possible explanation of diverse life on Earth, injecting the national debate over evolution into the campaign.

What our blonde ambition reigning governor says:

Granholm has said she supports teaching evolution as established scientific theory in science classes and that intelligent design could be taught in comparative religion or current events classes.

 So you tell me, my fellow Michiganders, who you would rather have run our state, a multi-multi-multi millionaire who has donated millions to Bush’s campaign, believes (it’s quoted in this article) that many scientists consider intelligent design a viable theory, and will be no better than our president at national and international relations, or GRANHOLM, who, while yes, I agree, she has not lived up to her promises nor her potential, is at least capable of traveling into the world and representing our state with care, consideration and intelligence, maintaining the separation of church and state and, well, bringing that certain je ne sais quoi all Canadians carry?

Election Day is less than six weeks away – may I persuade you, just this once, to vote a straight democratic ticket? Think

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2 Responses to I, for one, am shocked –

  1. Katie says:

    No, you can’t persuade me. 😉

    I’ll just throw out one thing– “intelligent design” in some form allows for an explanation for the one un-explainable part of evolution: how did it start? There might have been a big bang, but how did the gasses and molecules get here? I believe in micro-evolution– obviously things have adapted, and some things Darwin said are right on the money. Allowing students at least exposure to I/D only makes sense. It’s not going to brainwash them and get them to convert to a specific religion.

    I, by the way, am big into the separation of church and state. I don’t think it’s the school’s place to encourage prayer– and with all the confusion out there, I would be worried what my kids were exposed to if it did. It’s the parents’ job to talk about spiritual issues.

  2. Courtney says:

    Ah, katie, and that is why you will vote for dick devos and all my vote will do is cancel out yours. How depressing for both of us, really! It’s a good thing we have the dance!

    If parents want their children to believe in God or Jesus or ID or Buddhism or whatever, it is their responsibility to educate their children outside of the public schools, or to send them to religious institutions. It is in no way okay for a school system to teach anything but evolution, if they want to prepare students to be competitive in the world around them. I agree that it’s the parents’ job to discuss and promote spirituality, but I disagree that teaching I/D makes any sense.

    Now I’m going to dig up my white chili recipe and make you a big batch.

    I will post more on this later.

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