This may be the last you hear from me,

because it’s so hot in my office I might suffer from heat stroke any minute.  A writer friend of mine, Chris, once wrote an excellent article on the freaky relationship we humans have with temperature. He talked about how women in his office run space heaters and wrap themselves in blankets during the summer and turn their fans up and dress in sleeveless blouses in the winter because his corporation simply.can’t.get. the.temperature.correct.  He also brought up some interesting gender issues, how men always like to keep the office cooler than women do.  And fellow blogger and my friend, Katie, wrote a post a while back about the temperature wars in her office, and how throughout the summer, in defiance of HR’s strict thermostat control, employees would place steaming cups of coffee on the thermostat in order to kick-start the air-conditioning.

In my office, the temperature is never consistent. Heat and air-conditioning are controlled (as I know I once wrote) in one office, and the woman who works in that office is busy lobbying for a smoke-free workplace or stem-cell research or some cause she deems worthier than TURNING DOWN THE GODDAMN HEAT.  So instead of working we are all walking around the office today, poking our heads in co-workers doorways and asking the obvious: Are you hot?

To further illustrate my point, here is a composite of several conversations I’ve had today:

Other employee: Are you hot?

Me: I’m BOILING hot.

Other employee: God, me too. It’s so HOT. Where the hell is ______? She controls the thermostat.

Me: Lobbying.

Other employee: Ug. I’m so hot.

So not much in the way of work is actually  getting done today, except maybe by our Thermostat Controller, who is not in the office.

And, it’s Monday. And I ate a cupcake decorated with pink sugar versions of the breast cancer ribbon. And I’ve lately been moaning quite a bit about work, which I need to stop doing – time to return to intellectual discussions about books and writing and the upcoming elections, and whatnot.

But all of that is going to have to wait, you see. Because it’s October and October always makes me overworked and a little saracastic and jealous of all the women out there who somehow find a way to balance housework and family and work and exercise and nutritious meals and reading and writing and time with friends and time for self, all the time sporting flawless hair and manicured toes while I am snarling in my office, feasting on candy cancer awareness ribbons, and slowly dehydrating.  Everything in betwen will return to thoughts on books and writing and all things bloggy on Wednesday, which actually launches NaBloPoMo which your host has crazily signed up for, with one caveat – because I’ll be out of town attending a literary conference for 4 days, I promise NOT to post every day, but to provide you with 30, yes 30 posts for the month of November.  A crazy commitment? Perhaps. A doable one? Definately.  So I hope to see you all on November 1st to kick of NaBloPoMO in style, which means I’ll be writing about any and all drivel that comes to mind.

So actually, it’s good I’m about to  go post this text, instead of delete it, which is my instinct.

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7 Responses to This may be the last you hear from me,

  1. Emily says:

    I feel exactly the same way you do about those perfect women. I’ve decided my new year’s resolution in 2007 is going to be not to think about them and all the things they can do that I can’t seem to, and to try to relax and enjoy what I do instead.

    Meanwhile, good luck with the 30 posts in Nov. I could never do it. But I’m not going to think about that :-).

  2. Dorothy W. says:

    Have fun with the November writing! And I hate the office temperature problem — what a waste of energy.

  3. Cam says:

    Once, there was a poll in my office regarding the temperature. The man taking the poll decided that if he got more the 50% of the people to agree with him, he would complain to HR to turn up the heat. As he approached my office, wearing several layers of winter clothing and carrying a steaming cup of coffee, I just laughed and asked him to guess my vote: I had disrobed as far as I could without getting fired, wearing a tank top that was originally worn to be more of a camisole than outerwear! (This is not a pleasant sight on most middle-aged women like myself!) Professional? No. But neither was management’s continual ignoring of the 25 degree difference (85F – 60F) as one traveled about 50 feet from his side of the office to mine! I have both a fan and a blanket in my current office but will never complain about it being too cold. As long as I don’t have to wear gloves inside or use an ice scrapper on my monitor, I’ll deal with it. But heat on the other hand? I can’t even think when it’s hot and would have to resort to crawling through ductwork to adjust the thermostat if the heat freak wasn’t around to adjust it!

  4. Guess what? Those perfect women? They’re snarling too … inside they’re a tangled web of snarl. They’ve just managed to perfect a wonderful-seeming outside.

    Hope the weather improves inside your office ….

    Oh, and see you at NaBloPoMo!

  5. litlove says:

    If I turn the heating up at home my husband accuses me of ‘sapping his will to live.’ But working in muggy air is awful and very nap-inducing. I am having a very imperfect October, Court. All I need do is write my chapter (gave up on housework long ago) and I find I have brain rot and apathy and just can’t get on with it. You’d think I’d sensibly get something else done instead, but not a bit of it! I just wander round grumping instead!

  6. LOL, Emily – I am sure many of my 30 posts will be about what I eat for lunch and the progress of my Christmas shopping. We will remain united against those perfect women!

    Dorothy – I agree. It’s a huge waste of energy!

    Cam – that’s definitely another weird thing about heating office buildings, the inconsistency between offices! Today it’s nice and cool here, in fact,dramatically on the cool side but I’m not about to complain!

    Charlotte – I’m so glad I have a sister blogger this month – what HAVE we committed our selves to???

    Litlove – I’m exactly the same way, if I can’t do what I’m supposed to, I don’t then exert my energy elsewhere! I just gripe until said project is eventually finished. I am sorry, though, that you are having an imperfect October – what a world if we could all have perfect months!

  7. bloglily says:

    Oh Courtney, this made me laugh. Those conversations at your office? They’re having them at my work too. It’s mostly too cold, but every once in a while they overcompensate for that. And when we were in the middle of the energy crisis they turned off all the lights in the hallways so it was like being an overheated mole — you’d emerge into the shadowy corridors along with all the other moles and bitch about the interior weather.

    As for the perfect women, I’ve just eaten SIX pieces of Halloween candy, and hate all of them very, very much.

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