Thank You

Thank you all for the thoughts, advice and input last week and over the weekend.  And can I just say, you were so totally right? I am now firmly in the always-counter offer camp – the company did accept my counter offer and I’ve decided to take the position.  It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but when I resigned on Friday the conversation went something like this with our newish boss:

Me – I’ve been offered another position at ——– doing ——–, here’s one month’s notice, you can always call me for help…

My boss – But you’ve only been here a little over a year, and you don’t know anything about working for a corporation and doing ——-! And then she emailed the entire HR department in a panic and posted my job description online.  So no love lost between me and my Gucci-scarf wearing, Coach-bag carrying, come in at nine in the morning and leave and four with a two hour lunch break thrown in there VP.

Still though, I’m sad to leave my job.  For one year I really had the best job in the world, and it could have been so good. It really could have, if the powers that be hadn’t decided to hire a different VP and my old boss hadn’t left – it could have been beautiful.  But all that is good and true about working in cancer care comes from the people, in a staff believing that excellent patient care and the possible eradication of the disease is more important than the politics of the workplace.  And really, my current boss lost me when, in our first staff meeting she looked around at a staff of all women and said “Ug. I hate working with all women. Women are much too hormonal and crazy.” Sacrificed sisterhood, anyone? She “works much better with men, who don’t have all those hormone surges.” At any rate.

Benefits of my new job? Shorter commute, and the ability to move close by when our lease is up because of its affordability.  More money, more vacation, more sick time, more holidays. A Starbucks in the building.  Leaving a small, insular department for a company with people my age. Invaluable experience.  A vice president who values lunch breaks and himself goes home for his own, every day. 

It’s true this isn’t necessarily my dream job, but since my dream job is writing novels I have to take what I can get, and I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity.  S. has also been offered a new position, one which will continue to work around his student schedule, so our household is all a-flurry with suspense lately.  I really wish I was one of those people who handles situations like this with unflappable aplomb but I am not – I’m still in the grips of some pretty wicked insomnia and I managed to yank a muscle in my neck on the left side that hurts like a thousand daggers being stabbed into me.  I feel like I have an engine running in me all of the time, my skin has broken out and I’m sort of sad.  That’s how I react to life changes like the above, though, and it will soon work itself out.  I am NOT good with uncertainty and change, and truth be told I’d probably thrive, physically and emotionally, in this position if I just stayed here indefinitely, buying coffee where I always buy coffee and eating the same lunches and doing the same workouts and…well…you know what? I really took the new job because I think in the long run I’ll be able to write more.  Shorter commute? That will help.  Financial security? Always helpful, from what I’ve heard. Working in a university town? yay, lots of other writers and writerly events to meet and attend.  It’s a new start – a chance to become more disciplined in my writing, and a chance to really dig into a community and commit to it for a long time.  I have – high hopes, for the new year.

I finished The Awakening – the second in my From the Stacks challenge. Not sure what is up next in terms of that particular reading challenge – I hope to post on The Awakening and  A room with a view together soon. I also just noticed I was tagged for a couple of memes, so there’s a lot to do. Thanks again, to all of you for your help – you gave me the courage to go after the extra dinero and take a new position on my own terms.

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13 Responses to Thank You

  1. Kelly says:


    Congrats on the new job.


  2. Congratulations (to you and your hubby)! The nerves are normal, and after a week or so in the new job they’re sure to be gone. I’m thrilled it’s gone so smoothly. As for that VP you’ve left behind, I had a thrill of schadenfreude that you had the chance to dump her, as it were, because I think her style would have grated me. All that “I’m so frank and upfront I’m practically one of the boys” stuff is just so aggravating.

  3. Kelly, thanks so much! I’m sure you’ll be hearing all about it. And Charlotte – you hit the nail right on its cliched head…the ‘one of the boys business’ is incredibly irritating and what’s more, she’s just the opposite of one of the boys anyway! I couldn’t see the two of us having a good working relationship down the line.

  4. Kerryn says:

    Congratulations Courtney (and S.)! And because I didn’t say it before (even though I was thinking it), well done on making the counter offer. I hope that this new job, once the nerves are gone and you are settled in, allows you to do everything you are hoping for, and more.

  5. Dorothy W. says:

    Awesome — congrats! The job and all the perks sound great. I’m the same way about job stress and difficult decisions — I’m the kind of person who seems calm on the outside, but inside, I don’t deal with stress well! So I can imagine what it’s been like. I’m so glad everything worked out.

  6. Cam says:

    Congratulations on the new job! Much success in it.

    I find the comments about the ‘one of the boys’ boss interesting. I struggle with the whole “rather be with the boys” than “the girls” attitude. Maybe there is a post & some discussion to be had on that issue and why it is so prevalent? I’d start it over at “What We Said” but I’m not a contributor nor know how to become one.

  7. nova says:

    This sounds really good! Congratulations. I truly can’t wait to hear all about it.

  8. litlove says:

    I’m so glad this worked out, Courtney, and as for the old boss, well, yuk. She’s best confined to the dustbin of history. Moving on and reinventing yourself can only ever be good developmentally. I do feel for you too, as I wind myself up to fever pitch with every (tiny) change. But in every way possible, this sounds right for you.

  9. Carl V. says:

    Congrats! I am so happy for you. The new year will definitely be an exciting one for you and yours. I wish you all the best in your new position and hope you have a really smooth transition into the new job.

  10. LK says:

    You go, girl! Out with the old and in with the new! (You might have a Devil-Wears-Gucci novel somewhere in your future, no?)

    Best to you and S. in your new endeavors!

  11. Stefanie says:

    Woo! Congratulations!

  12. Emily says:

    Well done! I’m sure you’ll thrive. Those nervous jitters are perfectly normal. I’d worry about you if you didn’t have them.

    Oh yes, and screw that old VP. She’s the kind of woman who sort of forces someone like me to “hang out with the boys.”

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