A Public Service Announcement

If you are heading anywhere near Alpena, Michigan in the next several months, I highly recommend you avoid driving along US 23 North – at least, the section taking you through town.  A new martini and wine bar has opened – Alpena’s first exposure to such drinks if you don’t count the Applebee’s next to the WalMart, and I have it on very good authority that EVERYONE in town, including everythinginbetween’s parents, have fallen deeply and madly for drinks like the lemon drop, the chocolate kiss, and the blue razzle-dazzle berry. I have also heard a rumor, which has been confirmed, that this bar is serving a wine that costs $40 a GLASS, and that people are actually ordering said wine.  With everythinginbetween’s parents having visited this bar three times in under a week, and countless other folks doing the same, this author feels she must advise you to find some other route through town while local residents adjust to this new establishment and learn what their limits are for appletinis.  And, if you are from Alpena and like a certain person’s father, happen to be wondering why you are suddenly experiencing headaches, it is NOT from  bizarre weather patterns ushered in by global warming but rather from ending the night in a haze of grey goose and green olives. Water, dad. Water. 

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One Response to A Public Service Announcement

  1. m says:

    Ha! This is too too funny. Sounds like I’ll have to visit sometime soon! Your dad’s headaches sound an awful lot like my mother-in-law’s mysterious flu that she get every time she visits Chicago. Happy New Year! And drink a lot of water –

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