A plea, and a friends of Courtney who live in Chi-town and blog shout out…

If you read this blog and have a wordpress account, or if you happen to be my friend living in chicago who started blogging recently and who has a WAY more technical and beautiful blog than I do (http://www.thesamecage.wordpress.com for those interested) perhaps you could tell me this:

I am trying to create space on my blog for the From the Stacks REading Challenge and the Classics REading challenge and no matter what I do it won’t show up? How do you create these spaces on your website? Any and all help from y’all would be greatly appreciated – I don’t know why I’m struggling with this so much. So, if you enjoy everything in between and would like to see it enhanced with clearer sections, you can help!

I have to go run now. This is ridiculous.

And oh, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my (shhh, favorite) cousin living also in chicago who blogs…http://www.trustboundary.blogspot.com

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4 Responses to A plea, and a friends of Courtney who live in Chi-town and blog shout out…

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    What have you tried so far? To get extra sections on my blog, I added text widgets. You can increase the number of available text widgets in the presentation section. But I don’t know what things you’ve tried … I hope you can figure it out without too much more trouble!

  2. Kerryn says:

    Hi Courtney, As Dorothy said, text widgets are the go. There’s instructions from wordpress about creating them here and inserting an image is linked to on the same page. Try those instructions and if you still have no luck, let me know.

  3. a blind reader says:

    Hi, I just came across your blog and am enjoying reading it 🙂

    But, is it me, or is your font just really difficult to read? Granted, I am a 51 year old woman who’s reading vision is worsening all the time, but I just can’t seem to really see your page clearly, with or without my glasses. Just wondering. I’d really like to read more, but I just can’t get it clearly…

  4. Andi says:

    I wish I could help! I have a wordpress account but have never been able to use it because my dial-up (I know, I live in the Stone Age) connection revolts every time I attempt to use it!

    Good luck finding someone helpful since I’m obviously NOT! 😉

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