New job, week one, a list –

(1.) Dumbest thing I did all week – agree to freelance for old job in order to finish up two projects because old boss thinks only I can do them.  Took on way too much work for one month between New Job, old job, and revisions to manuscript chapter.

(2.) Smartest thing I did all week – finally called gym near new job despite price after realizing it’s much to dark and icy to run in the mornings or evenings right now.

(3.) Best food I ate all week – I made a yummy tomato sauce on Tuesday night…I sauteed some garlic and onion in olive oil (the olive oil I bought in Italy, nonetheless), added some artichoke hearts and canned tomato sauce, added hot peppers and turkey sausage and poured it all over spaghetti squash with lots of fresh parmesan and red pepper.  

(4.) Worst food I ate all week – work lunch at Applebee’s. I HATE Applebee’s. Fiesta chicken salad.  

(5.) Worst-for-me-food I ate all week –  large chocolate chip cookie and cappucino for 3:00 pm sugar fix.  

(6.) Best New Town discovery of the week – a local farmer’s market within walking distance of new job, which also makes organic lunches every day.

(7.) Worst New Town discovery of the week – there isn’t one! I LOVE my new town. I can only hope S. and I can afford to buy a house there (we can’t) right next to the brand new library (we really really can’t).

(8.) Pages read this week – about 100 

(9.) Best booky surprise of the week – Anna Karenina. Who knew???

(10.) Blogs read this week – not nearly enough. I’m trying! I promise! Surely I will land on a schedule allowing for more blog reading and commenting! I do plan to join bloglines this weekend which will make it easier, I think.

(11.) Blog-writing ideas I’ve had – countless. No time to implement them right now, though. Still trying to figure out my schedule.

(12.) Rash, off-the-cuff decisions I’ve made I probably won’t keep – To give up television – can’t stand the noise this week. Will get all television shows am interested in on dvd from now on.  To pursue my ph.d despite all the many many times I’ve said I wouldn’t. To maybe purse said ph.d. in political science. To find a way to volunteer for democratic party.  To become spokesperson for way country should be run.  

(13.) Surpise irritation of the week, proving me an extremely judgemental person – People who drink diet soda (or real soda!) instead of coffee in the morning.  I mean, why does this bother me? It’s utterly nonsensical!

(14.) What I’m going to love about New Job – the ability to really learn and understand health care, from the ground up. I am so blessed and excited!

(15.) This week’s scary realization – More than likely, I’m not going to be 100% fulfilled until I’m writing all day, every day, my own stories.  Probability of ever being able to do this? The proverbial slim-to-none.  Solution? Be thankful I am capable of working. Be grateful for my eyesight and my brain and my ability to work when so many can’t.  Be grateful. Be humble. Be grateful. Be humble.

Would all be so much easier if my novel characters weren’t wandering around in my head demanding attention! Happy weekend everyone.

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11 Responses to New job, week one, a list –

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    I’m glad things are going well — I’m sure you’ll settle into a routine eventually, one that allows you time for things like blogreading and writing.

  2. I liked your list, Courtney, and enthusiasm about everything, (except of course those pernicious soda drinkers). Isn’t that great about the organic lunches available round the corner? Bloglines is a great way to go – it definitely saves time in not having to click through your whole blogroll in order to see who’s posted.

  3. Emily says:

    Ahh, yes, that huge mistake of agreeing to freelance for a former employer. Been there. Done that. Never again. Although it’s awfully hard to ignore that little ego boost of believing that former employer just can’t survive without you.

    Sounds like you’re working in a lovely little environment. Wish I had organic lunches just down the street. Oh wait a minute, I’ve got a whole kitchen full of food downstairs, plenty of which is organic :-)!

  4. LK says:

    Whoops, I’m guilty of drinking Diet Pepsi in the morning versus coffee. It’s because I’m a gulper, not a sipper.

    Sounds like the town is a winner…yay!

  5. Cam says:

    Glad to hear that the new job is off to a good start.

    Anna Karenina oh yes!

  6. Pauline says:

    Mmh… Anna Karenina and artichoke pasta, it sounds like a good start of the year! Glad to see you so energetic throughout your busy week!
    Don’t be too worried about your freelance projects for your old job, you ditched it and you don’t owe them anymore.

  7. Kerryn says:

    It sounds like you’ve had a thoroughly exciting and well-rounded week — great to “hear” your enthusiasm about your new job and working environment 🙂

    And that pasta sauce — YUM!

  8. Dorothy – thanks for the support – I hope to settle in soon!

    Charlotte – you know, I didn’t feel enthusiastic writing this post, but I guess I am feeling that way!

    Emily – it is a huge, huge mistake. But I have to finish what I started so I’m just going to do these last two projects and that’s IT.

    LK – oh, but I LIKE you – I’m quite sure it’s different with you…although I still maintain coffee is so much more comforting, in the morning…

    Cam – it is such a great novel – I’m so surprised!

    Pauline – you are right, I don’t owe them. I just need to do what I said I would and forget about it once and for all!

    Kerryn – the pasta sauce really was just so good!

  9. Make Tea Not War says:

    DVDs of tv series are absolutely the way to go in my opinion. It is so much more convenient being able to watch in your time rather than the networks time. I also find I get quite a lot more out of the stories when I can watch them uninterruptedly with no adverts or weeks in between. In my circle(s) we do quite a lot of dvd swapping and recommending so you don’t have to buy everything you watch either. I’ve found some good stuff that way. eg. Dead Like Me, Gilmore Girls etc.

  10. litlove says:

    Ouch, I winced over the freelancing. Are you sure you want to go ahead with that rather than tell your (evil?) ex-boss where to get off? Still, sounds as if the positive outweighed the negative, and that’s very encouraging for a first week. Good luck for the second!

  11. Andi says:

    Best post I’ve read in ages – this one!!!!
    I’m right there with you in finding some way to volunteer for the Democratic party. And that tomato sauce sounds AMAZING!

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