Oh, for 2008 to arrive!

Back in December, Andi of the wonderful Tripping Towards Lucidity  wrote a vibrant post  about the possibility of Barack Obama and/or Hillary Clinton running for president and/or vice-president which perfectly captured my excitement and anticipation for the can’t-come-soon-enough next election year.  In it, she wrote:

 I have to tell you, if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both make a run for the Democratic nomination I will absolutely crap my pants with joy. And the thought of them running together for President and Vice (in any order) is almost enough to make me drop to my knees and thank God almighty for some semblance of hope for humanity. I can only hope that the Bush administration has pissed the country off to the point that slower-thinking Normans of the world can suck it up, catch up with the rest of the planet and elect a woman or a partially black man.

I just love this response because it’s, well, let’s be honest, it’s exactly how I feel and hence, she’s absolutely right.   If asked to defend my opinions, though, I don’t think I could do so eloquently, quite yet. I have always respected Hillary Clinton, and nothing can anger me more quickly than those people (especially women) who disparage her for any of the multitudinous reasons they find – my mother doesn’t like her because she stayed with Bill after he cheated; one friend doesn’t like her because she’s too abrasive; another (perhaps the most valid) because she lives in New York and doesn’t feel Clinton has done right by the state.  I, however, see within Hillary grit and determination and passion and an ability to see things through that very few of us possess. Certainly, in an age where celebrity marriages fall apart after a few months and more marriages end in divorce than succeed, her dedication was seen as so much Tom-foolery.  I am the optimist who always argued that perhaps, just maybe, she still loved Bill.  But this is going off in a direction it isn’t supposed to – it’s early in the morning, yet.  So, I’ll reign myself in, here –

Despite my admiration for Clinton, I have lately found myself on the Barack Obama bandwagon.  S. has expressed surprise over my abandment of Clinton, but I haven’t so much abandoned her has been swayed by one extremely convincing sentence from Slate magazine, which I can no longer find despite a few minutes of looking.  In the article I was reading, the author pointed out if Clinton became president, the last 24 years of presidential leadership will have come from two families.  The author continued to draw parallels between this kind of leadership and those countries ruled by royalty, and it really struck a chord with me – it doesn’t seem, I don’t know, right, somehow. That said, if Clinton does become the nominee I will absolutely support her, but for now I’m thinking some about Obama.  When he announced his exploratory committee a few days ago, I signed up to receive email updates regarding his candidacy, and here is the response I received:

Running for President may be a step that I take, but it is a journey I

cannot hope to complete without the energy and talents of people like 
you. A
glance across history and my own past as a community organizer on the
streets of Chicago has taught me that sweeping change never comes from 
person or program, but always from the will and passion of countless 
working and fighting and marching towards that better place.

This is your chance to lead that change, and I encourage you to 
and ask others to join our effort.

Thank you for your time, and I look forward to continuing our 
in the weeks and months to come.

Now, I'm not so naive as to think his campaign will want much more from me than my money
(although I desperately want to write for his campaign, or Hillary's - and wish I knew
how to go about applying for something like that) but notice what his message doesn't say-
It doesn't say "The American People." It's not defensive.  Instead, it uses active verbs -
'marching,' 'working,' 'fighting' - it uses inclusive language and just, ever so casually, notes
that he looks forward to conversations ahead.  There's nothing divisive or exclusive about the messageand while
I know this is very well-orchestrated on the part of his campaign, I can't help
but admire the theory behind it, and I can't help believe it, either. Like Andi, any
nomination or combination of Obama and Clinton will make me scream with glee, but I am beginning
to favor a man who could actually be the uniter Bush claims himself to be - a man whose
vision for our country is still idealistic - a man who may give us a whole hell of a lot of reason to

Now, do we really have to wait SO LONG for the fun to start? We have, like, two more baseball seasons, two more football seasons, two more Oscar ceremonies to go before this
election rolls back to us. Haven't we all just had enough? Nineteen more soldiers dead in Iraq,
this morning...haven't we had enough of Bush and his leadership? I am finding it so very
difficult to wait my turn. Ah, well. At least this year will provide multiple opportunities as the
Democrats battle it out.

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7 Responses to Oh, for 2008 to arrive!

  1. I have to say as an outsider I’m pretty excited too, and think any variation along the Clinton/Obama theme would be an amazing lift for America. It’ll be extremely interesting to watch.

  2. Emily says:

    Isn’t it just SO exciting? And it seems things are already beginning to change since the 2006 elections. Imagine a vote to lower interest rates on student loans happening two years ago. Or everyone standing up and criticizing what’s goin on in Iraq the way they are now. I just hope, hope, hope the Democrats don’t figure out a way to lose all the momentum by the time Nov. ’08 finally gets here!

  3. Dorothy W. says:

    People who criticize Hillary for anything other than her politics (her personal life, for example, or appearance, or her decision to stay with Bill, or her ambition) drive me crazy. I hate it that she gets extra criticism just because she’s a woman. Disagreeing with her politics I can understand (I’m not sure how I feel about them myself although I’d support her for President); the rest just sucks.

  4. litlove says:

    Please just get Bush out. I can’t remember the last time such a dangerous man was in charge. I’m afraid people might misunderestimate his staying power…

  5. Andi says:

    Extremely well put, and like you I also find myself heavily on the side of Obama. It’s incredibly exciting to think of pulling for someone who’s worth believing in, and for me it’s been a long time since I could believe in someone (from either party).

  6. You summed up how I have been feeling very well. What a terrific post!

  7. Lulu says:

    Can either of them win? That’s my big concern. I would lvoe to see Clinton and/or Obama in 2008, but more than that, I want to see the Republicans out of office. If that means electing another Southern white guy, then let’s elect another Southern white guy.

    The excitement around Obama seems like what the excitement over Kennedy must have been like, but as charismatic as he is, I don’t know if he can win the South, and I don’t think Clinton can either.

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