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Northern Boys and the Apostles’ Creed

First of all, I just want to share the conclusion of an email a friend from high school sent me today.  In the body of the email he informs me he’s engaged, he’s bought a house, his mom is having … Continue reading

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Book Talk Brain Dump

Every time I think I’m getting in a rhythm with my blogging, I’m thrown a curve-ball. I had the best of intentions to blog over the weekend but various and sundry plans kept me away from home for most of … Continue reading

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The birth of an idea

don’t you love this moment? the moment the idea comes, but the realities of the work ahead of you haven’t? Today I had an idea for a book, a nonfiction book, my first real nonfiction idea in, well, a while.  … Continue reading

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If you don’t blog about it, did it really happen?

Last Sunday at workshop I told my fellow writers how I quit my job in the nice University town with the farmer’s markets and the white-washed library and many lovely restaurants in order to return to my old place of employment … Continue reading

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I am Charlotte Simmons

First of all, it wasn’t until I was halfway through I am Charlotte Simmons when it dawned on me that I am forever confusing Tom Wolfe and Tobias Wolff. A. particularly doesn’t like Tom Wolfe and when she mentions this … Continue reading

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Frustration and Comfort, within the pages of Poets & Writers

I remember exactly the moment I read Tom Bissell’s essay “War Wounds” in “Harper’s.” I was embroiled in my last year of my M.F.A. program at Pitt, desperately trying to balance my teaching load, my courses, the completion of my … Continue reading

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Misc: The thinking blogger award, Estella’s revenge, and etc.

Dorothy from Of Books and Bicycles has nominated me for a thinking blogger award, a blog trying to promote better blog content throughout the community. The concept of improving blog content is an interesting one, and I’m not entirely sure … Continue reading

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