Taking Stock – Summer, 2007 (and a meme. and a request for money)

As the summer solstice approaches, now seems like a good time to evaluate how the season is shaping up, and how successful one has been with lazing about, drinking lemonade and sitting in front of the fan with a never-ending game of Risk going.

Taking Stock, Summer, 2007

Number of days spent by condominium pool, the very same pool wherein continuous bouts of pink eye were contracted last summer : 0 (but only because negligent landlord has not paid her association fees and so am locked out of said pool)

Number of days anticipated to spend by condominium pool, the very same pool wherein continuous bouts of pink eye were contracted last summer: 10 (but only if negligent landlord pays her dues!)

Number of summer movies seen: 2 – Bug ( the movie that will undoubtedly change the way we view cinema for all time, so remarkable is this film) and Knocked Up, which everybody should go see, right now, in the theater because it just won’t be the same on dvd.

Number of books read: 3.5 – Yonder Stands Your Orphan (Barry Hannah), The Road (Cormac McCarthy), Tijuana Straights (Kem Nunn) and the .5 is The Other Side of You by Sally Vickers.

Number of weddings invited to: 2

Number of weddings invited to that are on the exact same day hundreds of miles apart: 2

Number of weddings invited to that involve brother marrying shot-gun style with no rhyme or reason to ceremony or reception and which will involve roasting your own hotdog at the reception, which is causing your mother incredible angst and your dad incredible delight: 1

Number of bands to which you have tickets: 1

Number of bands to which you will probably buy tickets: 3

Number of Tigers games on the agenda: 2 (the summer minimum for any good Detroit girl)

Pints of Michigan cherries consumed: 1

Number of stomach aches from consuming too many cherries: 1

Number of mojitos enjoyed on front stoop in early evening: 0, must get on this AT ONCE

Number of hikes taken with husband: 0, must put this before the mojitos in terms of importance (okay, we can all stop laughing now, I was just kidding. But seriously, can you believe I said it with a straight face?)

Number of ice cream cones thus far consumed at ice-cream selling establishments: 2

Number of different flavors of ice cream in cartons in freezer: 5 (I know. I have no impulse control when it comes to ice cream. Zip, zero, zilch.)

Number of sun burns: 0. I am so grown up about putting on sunscreen even though I actually don’t need it because my skin seems to suck sun in and never let it out…

Number of trips up north: 1

Doesn’t it seem like this summer is going by much too quickly? We are all wandering the hallways of work today preparing for Race for the Cure and dazedly muttering over the fact that it’s June, it’s June. How did it get to be mid-June already? I don’t know about you but in my little corner of the world the summer is passing much too quickly – it’s time to press gently on the breaks, chill a bottle of chardonnay, make a cold pasta salad and invite some friends over to listen to the cicadas.  Let’s get lazy, folks.


My goal for this week, blogging wise, is to catch up on all the memes I’ve recently been tagged for, and while I’m not sure I was ever officially tagged for this one it seems like a lovely way to kick everythinginbetween’s meme week off.  You are supposed to type your name and the word “needs” into google and see what comes up – if you haven’t done this yet consider yourself tagged:

“Courtney needs…”

a mistress to show off

to lay off the plastic!

to consider context on both the micro and the macro scale.

to think globally, not locally.

a new biography.

something more than love.

a parent who will be patient with her.

a pedicure, a manicure and a facial (thus far, my absolute favorite)

to stop piggy-backing off everything Pelosi says about Iraq and get her own ideas (refuse to accept this, it is summer and I am lazy and very happy to assume Pelosi’s views)

bigger tits (um, no thanks)

to crawl back under the rock she came out from.

And on that note…

here is a link to my Race for the Cure fundraising page, if you have a hankering to throw around some money between now and Saturday. I am going to try, try, try to do a meme a day for five days so I can catch up on them but, you know, now that I wrote my goal down I may not post for five weeks. We shall see.


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6 Responses to Taking Stock – Summer, 2007 (and a meme. and a request for money)

  1. I love your summer stock-take. I may have to unashamedly copy it. I also think you need more ice-cream in your life.

  2. Just noticed the split infinitive above. No wonder my blog doesn’t garner me much freelance editing work …

  3. Emily says:

    Why do weddings always seem to have a way of falling on the same date at the same time? I just might have to do the “Emily Needs” meme, although a quick glance at initial results informs me that Emily needs to get a new name, since there seem to be thousands of blogging Emilys out there who have already done this.

  4. Cam says:

    I had fun with this. See my Google advice here.

  5. Charlotte – I go a little icecream crazy ( a bit like your German friends) in the summer for ice cream but that’s because I deeply believe in certain foods for certain seasons and ice cream is relegated to summer, and rarely any time else. I have a wonderful blueberry ice cream right now that is a favorite.

    Emily, LOL – I came up against constant Courtney Love comments with mine.

    Cam – I’ll be over to visit momentarily!

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