Happy. And the 7 writing things meme.

S. came home from his business trip last night – we hadn’t seen each other for almost ten days. I am very happy he is home, and I am even more happy that while he has several more trips over the course of the summer I do not which means one of us can be home to do things like pick up the dry cleaning and buy the milk we never ever drink. Trying to run a household long-distance is not easy.

A. and I are beginning golf lessons tonight in yet another attempt to act as though we are women of leisure when really, we aren’t. We hope that by acting as though we are ladies who lunch we will eventually BECOME ladies who lunch. Our first attempt at this lifestyle took place two summers ago when we tried tennis lessons but those did not work out because (a.) we sucked and (b.) we had to run and (c.) our coach didn’t really speak English and while I am all about allowing as many people into the U.S.A. as we can possibly fit I am not so much about taking tennis lessons in another language and (d.) we had to run.  The decision to pursue golf lessons came about, as all good ideas do, from reading the New York Times.  A., against all odds, is single and while she dates frequently she has yet to meet that one perfect mate.  In fact, we thought by taking tennis lessons she would perhaps meet some sportive type men and we could have a hobby we shared together but it turns out we really just like going to the movies and out for sushi, anyway. So why the golf? Well, according to the New York Times, this is the ONLY way, seriously, the ONLY way a woman nearing thirty is ever, ever going to meet someone to love. According, again, to the New York Times, all men our age play golf and so if you want to run into one or three the driving range is the perfect place for that encounter to happen. For my part, everybody in my family plays but me and while I used to cherish the alone time this game provided me (hours and hours of it) now, because I see my family rarely, I would like to know how to play. Also, both S. and I have jobs that often have golfing events (fundraisers, scrambles, etc.) and I always have to stay at work while everyone else goes golfing and that, brothers and sisters, is depressing.  Is this just another step towards becoming bourgeois? Perhaps.  But no matter what happens, time spent with A. is always cherished and both she and I think we are going to be really, really good. Probably you won’t be able to get us off the course! We realize now the folly of our ways with the tennis lessons, what with all the lap running and non-drinking. Golf seems much smarter.  And here, for your reading enjoyment, is S.’s prediction : “You’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.”

Isn’t he helpful?

And now, it’s time for the 7 Writing Things Meme, which the luminous Andi of Tripping Towards Lucidity tagged me for last month.  Here are the rules:

Someone writes a post with seven random facts about him/herself. Then, at the end of the blog, he/she tags seven people by listing their names. These people then need to write their own blogs with seven facts about themselves and these rules stated clearly. It is also required that you leave a comment on the new tag-ees pages, telling them they have been tagged and that they should read your blog (though I’m sure they do already).

Andi made this a writing things meme, and I will do the same, tagging seven writers at the end of this post.

(1.) This morning I finished a first draft of a nonfiction essay. It’s only 1000 words and I forgot what a pleasure it is to work on small pieces. It’s how I started writing but somewhere I began thinking I need 10,000 words to say what I mean and mean what I say. I loved looking at this little essay this morning, realizing all the content was there and now it’s just a matter of structure, structure, structure.  It’s a joy.

(2.) I started my novel all over from the first person point of view.  I am really enjoying the process of this novel-writing business…the generous expanse of it.

(3.) Writing a blog is a wonderful writing aid. Today I used the search engine on my blog to find the post about the cancer patient digging into her Wendy’s frosty.  I think of this blog as an avenue letting me explore ideas that could turn into essays somedays.  That, and to talk about my hair.

(4.) I refuse to hate writing. You know, there are some writers who get so wrapped up in writing and they talk about how much they HATE it, how writing makes them want to vomit, etc. – I don’t believe in this. If I hated writing, I wouldn’t do it, much like math and biochemistry.  Certainly some days I don’t love it, but the overall satisfaction and joy I get from spending time in my own worlds makes up for the fact that I will probably never publish a best-seller.

(5.) I write for a living, which I think is pretty great. If I want to stay home and work in my pajamas, I can. On my business cards, it says “Science Writer” – that’s my actual title.

(6.) I wrote my first story in kindergarden. I asked my dad how one writes a story and he told me about simile and metaphor and I wrote a story called The Fairy, The Witch and the Devil and every single line was simile or metaphor. 

(7.) In first grade I wrote a story for an assignment for school. It was about a girl who had worms for brains.  A doctor realized he could perform half a lobotomy on her and replace half of her worms with real brains, taking her from a comatose state to…well, just slow. I illustrated the lobotomy. My parents were called in and the school recommended therapy for me but my parents just said I had an active imagination. I think the biggest problem was I named my character after my arch-first-grade-nemesis. Aah, how early we learn the powers of “fiction.” I wrote my first novel in the sixth grade. The main character was a Hispanic girl named Maria. She tried out for the cheerleading team and didn’t make it. And a whole bunch of other things.  How eerily this echoes my own rejection from a cheerleading squad…my current novel is NOT about me. Seriously.

Okay, this was actually really fun. I am actually going to break the rules here and just say, if you would like to do this meme, please go for it! I know that perhaps places in jeopardy the inherent memeness of the meme, but in perusing the blogs I read I would like to hear from almost every one on it,  so please, help yourselves!

2 more memes to go!

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11 Responses to Happy. And the 7 writing things meme.

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    #7 is funny! — the worms for brains story. #6 is funny too. About hating writing — while I’m not a writer by profession, I do work on writing now and then (of the scholarly sort) and while I don’t hate it, I do feel ambivalently about it — which tells me I’m not made to be a serious scholar! I dread beginning it, but once I’m going, I can have fun. It’s such a mix of emotions.

  2. One of the great things about golf is that there is not a lot of running! I wish you two lots of luck and please let us know how the golf lessons go. I have had some in my time and despite being not the most sportive of gals, I was quite good at it. I haven’t played in eight years. Funnily enough my oldest child is seven … One day, perhaps I will get back to it.

    I also love being a writer. I love when people ask me what I do and I say “I write”. Those two words mean the world to me.

  3. Make Tea Not War says:

    I’m sure it’s not true that golf is the only way for a single girl nearing thirty to meet a man. Your friend could/should try going along to a science fiction convention sometime. I bet she’d find lots of brainy single men there who liked going out to movies and sushi

  4. LK says:

    I’m just sitting here cheering over #4. You go, Court!!!!!

  5. litlove says:

    Loved the meme, Courtney! Too much I enjoyed to really pick one thing out, but like Dorothy, I loved the worms story!

  6. A. says:

    We are really good at golf. We’re going pro!

  7. Forsyth says:

    Courtney, I just discovered your blog, thanks to my sister Emily. I loved your 7 writing meme; I’m a writer (and an editor sometimes), too, and I love being able to write in my pajamas. I also love telling people, “I’m a technical writer.” I don’t enjoy writing fiction (as I confessed on my blog), but I absolutely love writing essays and non-fiction. I hope the golfing lessons go well.

  8. Dorothy – beginning writign is really the hardest part, in any capacity, I think. I’m a firm believer that writing begets writing, but starting, ah – that’s the hard part!

    Charlotte – the lessons went well – we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. and the lack of running was a huge plus!

    Ms. Make Tea – Hi! Well, yes, there probably are other ways to meet men – I well pass on your suggestion! We are trying to take the NYTimes as seriously as it takes itself.

    LK – writing lovers, unite!

    Litlove – the worms are legend in my small family!

    A. We ARE really good at golf. I think I’m going to be visor. Won’t that be cute?

    Forsyth – Welcome! Has Emily told you I actually belong to your family? I’m looking forward to reading your blog.

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  10. Emily says:

    I hope we’ll be getting more posts on how the golfing is going. And I’m very glad to hear that I’ve only got 2 more tantalizing memes to resist. Meanwhile, I just can’t imagine hating writing. I’m like you. If I hated it, I wouldn’t do it. I only do what I hate if it’s something that must be done (if I don’t wash my clothes, for instance, I won’t have anything to wear. I buy clothes that don’t need ironing, though, so that I won’t have to iron.) Why write if you hate it?

  11. Andi says:

    Heyyy! I was on the road between NC and TX, so I missed this when you first posted it. Thanks for taking part!

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