Attention, Blog Writers!

Ahem.  Announcement. A friend I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh MFA creative nonfiction program with a coordinating editor for The Best of Creative Nonfiction Volume II.  The below announcement essentially speaks for itself, but I encourage all of you to submit for her consideration.  As we all know, some of the best writing happening right now can be found on the web and we should help her narrow this wide blogosphere of ours and show her what’s happening. If you don’t want to submit yourself, submit someone whose writing you admire.  I think it’s fantastic such an admirable publication is taking an interest (it means things really are happening on the web, yes?) and we should do our best to respond.

And this is all I have time for, as I am so exhausted from Baby Duck’s wedding I can barely function today – no amount of coffee or diet coke is helping and I think it’s time to call it a day.  Suffice it to say the wedding was so completely perfect it’s ridiculous…the sun shone, the temperature never wavered above 75 degrees, none of the babies cried and you could feel just how perfect Baby Duck and Mandy are for each other. If I could remain in that day for a week or so, I would.  It was like a cartoon wedding, or the end of a romantic comedy.  If I think of more to say about it, rest assured, you will be the first to hear! Now, get your poop in a group and submit to the below:

Dear Writers & Editors,


Creative Nonfiction is currently putting together the second volume of a new anthology, The Best Creative Nonfiction, published by W.W. Norton. (Volume I has just been published and has received a starred review from Publishers Weekly–please visit for a complete table of contents and contributors.)


I’m writing now to ask for your help; we’re accepting nominations for Volume II directly from editors of any publication, and I hope you will send work for us to consider.  My editiorial assignment, as Coordinating Editor, is to search on-line publications and blogs for especially compelling narratives (nothing that’s purely self-serving, i.e., how you love your pet, or political rants, how-to pieces, your summer travel logs, etc.).


We’re looking especially for new voices, ideas, forms and approaches in creative nonfiction on the Web. I’ll consider immersion pieces, personal essay, excerpts of books, basically anything with a strong narrative and something interesting to say–which was web-published within the past year. The deadline for nominating your on-line work for The Best Creative Nonfiction, Volume II is August 20, 2007.

To nominate work, send one hard copy (with all appropriate contact information and word count and page #s) as well as the URL address, link, and name of the publication and the DATE in which your work appeared in it to:

Kathleen Tarr

Coordinating Editor

Best Creative Nonfiction

3100 Legacy Drive

Anchorage, Alaska  99516


412-352-9008 (cell)


In addition, please email me the appropriate link to your writing on the Web, along with your contact information, etc.


Please feel free to forward this email to anyone who might be interested in submitting other high-quality on-line, creative nonfiction work. 


Thanks for your help! 


With all best wishes,

Kathleen Tarr

Coordinating Editor


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  1. Очень полезно

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