10 compliments I’ve received

 Emily of the brilliant Telecommuter Talk has tagged me for two different memes in the last few weeks.  I am, though, a meme hoarder…I like to hang on to my memes for days like today, when I couldn’t form a coherent post for the life of me.  I am at one of those points with work where every project I’m working on is in an extremely messy stage – nothing can be finished today, or this month, even and I don’t want to start anything new. This chaos, combined with the fact this morning, while working on my novel, I went to consult my notebook (You know – the notebook – with character sketches and timelines and Things Still to Figure Out and a sort of free-style plot outline) only to find S. co-opted it (even though we have a dozen perfectly good legal pads around) to handwrite part of his independent study, and also, to make check-lists.  This did not set a good tone for my day, writing wise, as I spent most of my valuable time thinking of just how to express to my husband, when he woke up, in the kindest possible manner, to never again fuck with my writing notebooks because while to him paper is paper is paper, my writing notebook is my BIBLE and to have his law schooly arguments cluttering up a possible revelation in Chapter 13 just won’t do and maybe, he might have to move out completely, now.

So, it’s a great day for a meme or two! First, I am supposed to record the ten greatest compliments I’ve received in my lifetime.  Here are the rules:

1. Get out of your thought-this-was-gonna-be-the-best-summer-ever-and-it’s-already-disappointing-me funk
2. Not out of that funk yet? Then think of ten (that’s ten, not eight, because I’ve still never had anyone tell me why memes fixate on the number 8) great compliments you’ve received throughout your life
3. Write them down (Also I am supposed to tag people but if you are reading this just consider yourself tagged!)

Here we go:

1. A writer in my workshop group told me last week she doesn’t understand why admire Pat Conroy as much as I do because she thinks I am as good a writer as he is. As you can imagine, I love her more than anyone else in the world, now.

2. Um, okay – this is hard. I’m only on number 2 and I’m having trouble thinking of compliments, which is ridiculous because S. alone gives me multiple compliments each day, one of the latest of which (aha! Number 2!) is that he thinks I’m beautiful in a totally unique way, that I don’t look like anybody else he’s ever seen, and I don’t look like every girl on the street.

3. More than one stranger has mistaken me for Andi McDowell.

4. I am going to steal from Emily and agree the fact that S. married me is probably the largest compliment I have ever received, paper-thievery not withstanding.

5. My dad told me I was the best birthday present he could ever receive.

6. Back in my acting days, I was compared a few times to Lucille Ball – I always loved that. I think good comedy is much more difficult than good drama to perform.

7. When I returned to the cancer center after my brief foray into the Fortune 500 world, several co-workers told me the whole tone of the office was low while I was gone – that my mood seems to effect the mood of the office…..

8. Both Litlove  and Charlotte  referred to posts of mine last week as examples of excellent writing on the web – to be recognized by to writers whom I admire so much, and whom I hope to someday write as well as, really boosted my ego, possibly in an unhealthy fashion, and hence the diva-like behavior over the notebook…

9. Baby Duck (who from now on I will refer to as D.) told me he likes how I put extraordinary effort into important things but don’t ever waste time on superfluous things…

10. Throughout my life I have on numerous occasions been called bubbly, perky, cheerful, kind, etc.  I’ve honestly never overtly felt like any of these adjectives but recently a co-worker came up to me to thank me for always talking to her…it seems she and most of her department feel there is a lot of racism throughout the hospital and she just wanted me to know she loves how I talk to her when no one else will.  It’s not so much a compliment to our department as a whole, but she said she likes talking to me, too – and that is a huge compliment!

Hmmm – I had intended to also do the Why I Blog meme but the day is drawing to a close and the woman who works in the office next to mine keeps shouting questions through the wall, and I suppose I should get up and actually speak with her.  I like what Emily notes above, about how this summer was supposed to be a certain way (the best summer EVER) and turned into…not so much. I feel this summer fell away more quickly than any to date and it’s left me a bit blue…it was nice to resurrect some old compliments and remember we are so much more…more than our jobs or our families or outward appearances.  We effect every person we come across and it’s up to us on how we do so.  I dig it. Maybe the summer is rushing away on a tide of “to do’s” but we can slow it down and savor, for a bit, the scent it leaves behind.

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8 Responses to 10 compliments I’ve received

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    Very nice list! This is a wonderful meme, and I still need to do it … it does seem very hard!

  2. I like that “we are so much more…more than our jobs or our families or outward appearances”. It’s good to remind ourselves of that. It’s probably why I like blogging so much, because it’s a space outside work, family, appearance. It’s a place where I can be as much or as little of me as I like. It’s playful.

    Looking forward to your Why I Blog.

  3. litlove says:

    Aw, lovely answers, Courtney! I wish someone would mistake me for Andi McDowell! and I have to admit to laughing a lot over you fuming about your notebooks. You have my sympathy!!

  4. Courtney says:

    Dorothy – it is hard, but you do get in a groove about halfway through…
    Charlotte – thanks! And while I’ve never thought of it that way, you are right…blogging is a spot for play that disregards almost everything else in our lives.
    LItlove – The weird thing is while my face might resemble Andi McDowell I have loads of blonde hair…the four or five times I’ve been mistaken for her strangers just thought she had died her hair!

  5. Emily Barton says:

    I, like Litlove, wish someone would mistake me for Andi McDowell. I love your answers, and see, it really is a mood boost and a good weapon against the “Summertime Blues,” isn’t it? I think we all may have come up with a cure for those, despite the fact there supposedly “ain’t no cure.”

  6. Andi says:

    Perhaps this is sad, or maybe it’s just quirky, but I keep a running list of great compliments in my journal. Just for days that suck beyond all expectation.

  7. Emily, now if I ever meet any of you you are going to be so disappointed because I really don’t look like Andi McDowell – I have no idea where it came from!
    Andi – it’s not sad – it’s a great idea. I think I write down a lot of mine, too, actually.

  8. Stefanie says:

    Courtney, reading the list of your compliments made me feel happy.

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