For the second day, I’m feeling rather virusy. Not sick enough to stay home, or even skip yoga, but crappy-feeling enough to not be searching out other plans when mine this evening were canceled, and crappy enough to ask A. to change tomorrow’s plans, from shopping out of town to some nearby activity. You know, in case I go into a swoon or some such thing. The thing is, I don’t have a fever (I’m cool as  cuccumber, my mom would say) or sore throat or cough or anything, I just feel a heavy sense of fatigue, a lingering headache and some stiffness. Not like I have an actual virus, but virus-y.

I thought I’d blog in order to keep myself from searching online for the symptoms of Lyme Disease and West Nile virus, but I don’t have any one thing to write about in mind.  Currently I’m trying to decide if a glass of red wine tonight would be therapeutic, or if perhaps I should drink tea instead.  This morning as I was working on my novel I realized the following:

1. I gave two of the brothers rhyming names – Brian and Ryan. I didn’t notice this until the fourth chapter and the bitch of the situation is I had already CHANGED the names once to keep them from beginning with the same letter.  Now I have to change poor Ryan’s name AGAIN which is sad because he just so, so Ryan to me BUT Brian is even MORE of a Brian than Ryan is a Ryan and sooo, well, poor Ryan.

2. Rendering a baseball game played between children so that it is interesting is practically impossible, and

3. while the only thing autobiographical about my novel is the setting (seriously, if I had these characters for parents I would have been a novelist waaaay before this) I am finding it impossible to make up names for the geographical locations. Today I just gave up and started referring to each town, county and hiking path by its real name – that stuff can be fixed later, I guess.

Lately I’ve been having the most bizarre, worrisome dreams. For instance, I dream that I am cooking dinner for people but forget to buy the right ingredients, or I dream I need new tires (I don’t) or I dream I forget to enter one transaction into Quicken, thus slightly skewing my checking account but not bouncing a check or anything.  My dreams lately are fraught with day to day worries, which is no fun at all.

I finished The Mists of Avalon which absolutely absorbed me – I would recommend this to anyone. Bradley’s feminist take on the story of Camelot particularly interested me, and it has definitely peaked my desire to read other books about the Arthurian legends.  I haven’t had a book absorb me like this one did, in quite some time – I really fell into the world Bradley created, and was sad when it ended. I thought The Dogs of Babel would be a nice read to pull myself out of the mists with but the way the plot unfolded, coupled with the references to animal cruelty, put me on edge.  I didn’t particularly enjoy this book but it was one I HAD to finish so it wouldn’t haunt me.  I’m slowly plodding my way through Annie Dillard’s The Pilgrim at Tinker Creek and this weekend I’ll start Northanger Abbey, which I read once as an undergraduate but which I am looking forward to reading at a more leisurely pace – I remember so little about it.

Hmm. I think that’s it. I’m hoping yoga restores me a bit tonight. Barring that, I hope I don’t feel quite so disgusting tomorrow.  Barring even that, I am hoping A. will tell me I can wear red velvet shoes with my new yellow slacks, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to say no.

Happy weekend, everybody. Next week I intend to try something a little bit different: I plan to blog here every day of the week, but much shorter blogs on one subject. I’ve been meaning for a while to blog about marriage but everytime I try the depth of the subject overwhelms me and I give in and blog, well, about the possibility of having a virus. So if all goes as planned, next Mon-Fri will see shorter posts about this one particular subject. I won’t be posting on the other blog during this time.


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9 Responses to Virus-y

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    Do feel better soon! I don’t have that “falling into a book” experience often enough, I think. I should seek out more books that would really suck me in.

  2. LK says:

    Hope you feel better. I got a kick out of your “Ryan/Brian” dilemma. I mean, reading about it. Not enjoying your dilemma. You get what I mean.

  3. yogamum says:

    Yoga has gotten rid of oncoming colds for me many times over the years. Hope you feel better!!

    I’m amused by your writing dilemmas. The things we have to figure out when writing!

  4. Hope the weekend gives you a chance to feel better and that the yoga does the trick. I always enjoy your posts, long or short, on any topic, but I am especially looking forward to next week’s posts …

  5. Kerryn says:

    I hope that the weekend, the yoga and whatever you chose to drink have kicked that virus-y feeling because you don’t know how much I am anticipating a week’s worth of posts on marriage.

    Poor Ryan. Although… you could leave his name as it is. Are the parents the type of people who’d do that to their child?

  6. nova says:

    Yes, poor Ryan! But I understand your reasoning. Brian must stay Brian, after all.

    As for the Mists of Avalon, I remember finding that book on my mother’s shelves when I was a kid, ten or so. It was the first I’d read of anything relating to Arthurian legends, so when I read the actual ones years later I was so disappointed! Why would Morgan Le Fay (Morgaine in the book, right?) be seen as evil? I hated Arthur, what a coward. The Mists of Avalon became the real myth for me, since it colored everything I read after. Even knowing it was fiction, it was hard to let go. I guess that sounds sort of distorted. I’m stubborn that way when it comes to books.

    p.s. Hope you feel better.

  7. Cam says:

    Sorry to hear you are under the weather and hope you are feeling better soon. Maybe making the baseball game interesting is so difficult because kid’s ball games are rarely interesting in themselves. Maybe others won’t agree with me, but having sat through too many little league games (admittedly, 2 might have been too many for me…), it seems to me that the game isn’t as interesting as much as everything surrounding it that is: the parents on the sidelines (those that are too involved in the game as well as the conversations with those totally uninvolved who look up occasionally to cheer on a kid), the younger siblings running around nearby trying to act like their older brothers, the kid in the outfield, more interested in the airplanes overhead or the bugs in the grass, who looks up suddenly and sees the pop fly heading right towards him and he is totally unprepared. If it is a pickup game rather than an organized team game, it is still the kids and their interactions rather than their skill that would make the game most interesting. Maybe Brian and Ryan isn’t so bad if these names are really suited to the characters — lots of parents give their kids cheesy names without noticing it. But in my neck of the woods, Brian and Ryan don’t really rhyme (Bri-on and Ry-in) Hope I’m not stepping on toes with my unsolicited free advice. If it doesn’t work for you, well, consider it worth the cost — nothing! 🙂 Best of luck working out things in your novel — I’m sure it will all come together in the end!

  8. Courtney says:

    Dorothy – I think you would definitely fall into the Mists of Avalon, it’s something that sucks even the most disbelieving reader in…
    LK – LOL – I know what you mean – it is funny when in print…
    Yogamum – I still don’t know what to rename Ryan. I think his original name was Rick, so I may go back to that…
    Charlotte – yoga did part of the trick…sleep did the rest…
    Kerryn, unfortunatly, the parents aren’t cutetsy at all, and the name MUST be changed…
    Nova – I will NEVER be able to imagine Morgaine as anything but kind, ever again, even though my first impressions of her were as evil. This is such a stunning book, while it does peek my interest to read further into these tales i do wonder if I’ll ever be able to accept another’s viewpoint…
    Cam, you could NEVER step on toes, ever. For now I’ve decided to leave the names the same because I do think they fit…I will address the rhyming at a later date!

  9. Stefanie says:

    Loved Mists of Avalon! Hope you are feeling better!

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