The golf wrap-up post

but before I begin, let me just say, I might be getting bored with my job. I’m not fully sure yet – just the twinges of boredom and, to be honest, subject-fatigue, are beginning to creep in but in all likelihood it might just be the annoying preparations for breast cancer awareness month so no real assessment of the situation can occur until after the holidays. I will keep you updated.

So, golf. Last week A. and I played nine  seven holes of golf with her mom, and had a very enjoyable time.  I’m not yet sure where playing golf ranks in terms of fun with A. and mom of A. because even just sitting around one of their houses playing board games is a riot, but it’s up there. Maybe not martini-bar up there, though. But is anything really martini-bar fun? Speaking of martinis, I had an incredible one in Ann Arbor the other night, madge with some sort of juice, and honey and rasberry liquors.  It was FANTASTIC – I wish I could remember the juice used.

Focus – must focus. I swear, I’m having the most trouble with focusing, lately.

 Also, I have golfed with my mom, and in a benefit scramble for pancreatic cancer. And I like it. Golf is fun. In my brief tenure with the game, I’ve determined I much prefer walking to riding in a cart because it keeps you warmed up and counts as exercise, I think the clothes-buying potential is thrilling and I like the flexibility playing golf gives me – it means I finally have an actual activity besides drinking with my parents and watching their animals that we can do together, practically everyone I know seems to golf and so I’ve been accepted into work discussions that center on things beyond Grey’s Anatomy and what’s for lunch (although to be honest I do enjoy both of those conversations immensely) it is definitely a skill I intend to keep up because it has so many nice benefits, physically and socially.

That said, I haven’t fallen for golf (yet) the way I fell for swimming or yoga, two other activities I do regularly. It might be because I am not very good yet, or it might be because of the following two pet peeves of the game:

1. Gimmes. If you aren’t familiar with this terminology, a “gimme” occurs when your ball is so close to the hole that other players automatically assume you could make the putt ( an hilarious assumption with me since many times when I was encouraged to hit said gimme anyway for practice is still took me three tries!). Yes. That’s right. You spend God only knows how long and how many strokes (for me, an average of 7 on a par 3) to get the ball into the freaking hole and then, just when you finally can have the (possible) satisfaction of putting it in, fellow players call it a “gimme” and you don’t get the chance! It’s the most anti-climactic sport I’ve ever played, but of course, the gimme stems from my other pet peeve, which is –

2. The supposedly race-like pace of the game. So, it’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the sky is blue, blue, blue – you decide to get outside. You determine the best way to do that is to golf.  You make a tee-time, pay a rather exhorbinant fee in order to enjoy your day, settle on a beautiful course, and then you have to worry about playing fast enough. I am not a fast-mover by any stretch of the imagination (and now here folks who know me guffaw at this understatement) but to me it seems particularly odd that people would pay so much money to play a notoriously frustrating game at much the same pace of their work week. Where is the relaxation? Where is the enjoyment? Instead of focusing on developing one’s skills, one has to worry about the people behind her, the people in front of her – on particularly busy days carts must be used so…you can sit. Really, golf must be the only sport in the world people play where they sit more often than they stand. At any rate, I am a new enough and bad enough player that the rush-rush angle of the game really stresses me out.

All of that said, and disregarding my nebulous feelings about how much water must be used to keep the courses so oddly green, I enjoyed my summer golf lessons with A. tremendously, and intend to play throughout the fall. We’ve found a nice par 3 course to play that never seems too crowded.  I am guessing I will either become much more involved with the game as the years progress, and not mind so much the gimmes and the rush, or my level of enjoyment will remain about what it is now. Either way, I’ve learned a new, life-long skill that lasted much longer than knitting or water color painting so it’s all good.  We also discovered a new bar equidistant from each of our homes, a new CHEAP bar equidistant from each of our homes, that we never would have found without golf, so, you know, all things happen for a reason.

Incidentally, when we played last week, A. grew momentarily frustrated with the slow people in front of us, looked at me and said “Oh, I’m not going to like this bit about golf, at all.” I told her I think it perfectly represents our personalities, that what bothers her most is folks holding her up, and what bothers me most is folks rushing me, forcing my game. I think this facet of the game speaks to both of our personalities —A. always charging forward, me constantly looking back. It’s why we complement each other so well – it’s why we are tweezer friends.

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6 Responses to The golf wrap-up post

  1. A. says:

    Don’t forget to tell them that the perfect bar also has Wednesday night trivia so when golf is impossible in the rain or snow we still have our bar and an activity that will stimulate our minds! I love you my tweezer friend!

  2. Emily Barton says:

    Oh, I am so with you on this. I would be extremely frustated by a sport in which I felt I was always being made to hurry by those behind me. But then again, I would be EXTREMELY frustrated by a sport in which I had to hit a tiny little ball into a tiny little hole. Believe it or not, though, you’ve made it sound fun enough for a while now that I’ve found myself thinking, “Hmmm…maybe I should take golf lessons.” (Slap my silly, please, for having such thoughts. It takes me eight strokes even on the easiest miniature golf course hole to get that damn ball in that damn hole.)

  3. Dorothy W. says:

    Oh, I would hate golf! But that’s because I’m terrible at it (I’m sure I am, although I’ve never tried anything beyond miniature golf) — I’m completely uncoordinated. I consider myself athletic, but if anybody suggests any kind of sport that uses a ball, I run away. But it’s fun to read your thoughts about it!

  4. A. – that’s right. But first I need to see how good I am at trivia!
    E – Um, i refuse to slap you. I think you should learn golf, move to MI and play with us. Seriously, you don’t really want to live in PA ,right?
    Dorothy – for some reason I think perhaps you are more sportive than you let on…

  5. Dorothy W. says:

    Oh, no, trust me on this one! I think I’ve taken to cycling so well precisely because I’m so bad at other stuff — it’s a relief not to suck at something athletic!

  6. You should check out Find a Course. It’s a great place to look for golf courses.

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