Random thoughts and bones to pick

Days without return call from landlord: almost five

What we ate for dinner Tuesday night, sans oven: I had microwaved soup. Southwestern black bean. I added sour cream, guacamole, and low-fat cheese. S. ate a microwavable beef pasty.

What we ate for dinner Wednesday night, sans oven: I had scrambled egg whites with onions, avocado and cheese (used our electric skillet). Also, three strips of bacon, but given the recent reports re: all the salted cured meats, and meat in general, I think we can safely assume that was my last bacon for a long, long time. One must choose carefully from where she is going to consume her cancer-causing foods, and given that I am  holding my very own cassoulet comparison cook off come January, I need to save up for all. that. sausage.  Last night, S. had pizza at law school.

Tonight – I am eating at this amazing Belgian restaurant with a girlfriend in royal oak. I’m thinking mussels and pomme frites, bien sur! S. is (sadly) picking up fast food.

I usually extole the virtues of renting instead of owning (ie, I never have to shovel or mow grass) but in this case our landlord is sorely disappointing. It brings to the forefront my own particular issues with food, such as – I like to eat, a lot, and I like to eat my own food, mostly. The occasional restaurant meal is a treat, but in general both my weight and my food allery benefit significantly from food prepared by yours truly. Now, I remembered yesterday that I do happen to own a crockpot, so surely it will come in handy, but at this point I’m much more fascinated with our landlord’s lack of response to our problem.

Another bone to pick – who the holy heck is being polled for the polls claiming Hillary Clinton is the forerunner as the democratic nominee for the presidential election? Not me! Not my friends! Not my husband or anyone in my immediate family and so that’s, like, 25 democrats at least, right there! Who is being polled? I remain staunchly in the camp of Kucinich until January, 2009, when, like all good party loyalists, I will flock to a candidate who could actually win instead of one who actually represents my own beliefs.  And, seriously – I am treating this election like college basketball – no good can come of paying much attention to the season until the new year.

Of course, that doesn’t stop me from listening to Potus 08 on my XM radio all.day.long. I have decided, despite the above statement, that I absolutely can’t stand Mr. Romney or Mr. Guiliani. The verdict is out on Huckabee and Ron Paul.

Hmm. Oh! Lolita! I mean, there is no way this is an actual love affair, right? We are not supposed to take Humbert Humbert seriously, correct? Because I’ve found this book wonderfully written, highly entertaining and honestly, very funny in places but I’m beginning to worry that might make me – deranged. God, the way he addresses his audience, the way he always changes how he refers to himself, the constant reminders he spent time in mental hospitals – I love it. I read somewhere this book was Nabokov’s jab at Tolstoy – if only I’d finished Anna Karenina.

Our ace trivia team came in first place last night, winning a gift certificate on only our third time attending. It’s highly possible if we manage to maintain a winning streak we will have to seek more challenging venues – perhaps places with microbrews and those special pizza ovens that fire pizzas with toppings like goat cheese and jalepenos…oh, no. I don’t think that can happen. Mini-pitcher specials, crappy popcorn and infuriatingly slow service bar – you had me at chili cheese nachos.

Happy weekend, all!

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6 Responses to Random thoughts and bones to pick

  1. Stefanie says:

    I am sorry to laugh at your oven troubles, but by gosh, you write about them in such an engagin way I can’t help myself!

    I love Kucinich, he’s vegan after all, and would so like to vote for him for president, but he can’t get elected which is so very sad. I don’t know who is getting polled either because no one I know has made up their minds yet.

  2. yogamum says:

    Humbert Humbert — classic unreliable narrator. We’re not supposed to believe him. I love that book. It’s possibly my favorite novel of all time.

    I’m with you on Kucinich. Hillary…meh…I don’t trust her.

  3. Noble Savage says:

    Yeah, I don’t know many die-hard Hillary supporters either. Most either haven’t made up their minds or at least have made up their minds to NOT support her. Which is kinda sad because I really, really want a woman to be president. I’m just not sure it should be her…

    Lolita is a fantastic book. I remember wondering if Nabokov’s tongue was planted in his cheek or if he really was a bit of a DOM (dirty old man). That’s the mark of a great writer.

  4. Litlove says:

    I really must read Lolita! And oh yup, in the UK we are being told that Hillary Clinton is practically in the white House already, so it’s interesting to hear that this is all propaganda. I do feel for you without your oven. Reminds me of when I was a student and two electric rings was the extent of the cooking facilities so we all lived off pasta and rice dishes!

  5. Dorothy W. says:

    Oh, I hope you hear from your landlord soon! I can’t stand waiting — this sort of thing drives me crazy! I sympathize.

  6. Courtney says:

    Stefani, I love Kucinich, too – he’s the only candidate who truly hasn’t been bullied by special interests! And no worries about laughing at the oven travails, it’s pretty funny.

    Yogamum – I didn’t THINK we were supposed to believe him – thanks for the validation!

    Noble – I think he’s mostly tongue in cheek but maybe the tiniest bit of a dirty old man?

    Litlove, I can’t name one person who is a Clinton supporter right now. I honestly don’t know where this is coming from. I mean, since I have my finger on the pulse of American politics and all…

    Dorothy – me too. I’m all in a swoon here, seriously!

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