This blog is not dead

I will post, for reals, tomorrow. Or Tuesday. Or in two weeks. I WILL post. Don’t worry – I’m not writing, either. Or exercising much. I have lost my routine and I am not sure when it will return. Nothing dramatic – nothing serious – just work being all too consuming and holiday travel plans demanding quite a bit and no time to, well, blog. Or read. Or contemplate, or meditate.

The routine – the blogging, the exercising, the writing and reading – will return. It always does. For now I’m riding a different train. I look forward to getting off it very soon.

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2 Responses to This blog is not dead

  1. I’m very glad this blog is not dead. I would have to fly over and resuscitate it if it were! Good luck with getting your groove back.

  2. smithereens says:

    Take your time, we’ll be there waiting for you when you’ll be back on tracks. Maybe it’s the lack of oven that derailed your routine?? (blame it on your landlord 😉 …)

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