First lines meme

This seemed like a good meme to do today – I am supposed to go through each month of 2007 and post my first line of my first post of the month – fits in with the time of year – reflection, then moving forward….

January, 2007


ha ha ha ha ha – it is what it is – that’s my first (stellar) line that I wrote in 2007!

February, 2007

And to the person who stole my yogurt, out of the company refrigerator…perhaps you don’t read my blog and thus don’t know I am feeling a little bit rejected, and perhaps you also don’t know I have a pretty severe food allergy and so can’t just replace my mid-afternoon snack with vending machine fair or something from Starbucks, and perhaps you don’t realize I spent an hour getting my car out of my driveway to drive under Victorian-novel bleak skies to work, and perhaps you  don’t even know that S. isn’t around to comfort me because he’s on a business trip but even without knowing all of that, you STILL have no excuse for stealing my organic lemon yogurt.

This certainly makes up for the brevity of January, and seems so much more me, doesn’t it? I remember having that yogurt stolen…it made me cry!

March 2007

First of all, I just want to share the conclusion of an email a friend from high school sent me today.  In the body of the email he informs me he’s engaged, he’s bought a house, his mom is having an allergic reaction to her chemotherapy, and he’s building a boat. And he’d like to have S. and me over for dinner.  His last sentence is this: – 

Lotsa love, and not that wussy, kiss on the cheek, southern charm kinda love.  I am talkin about good ole fashioned, Alpena 80’s Rockin, Polish kinda love –

Ah, the ending of that email still makes me smile. His mom is doing well, by the way.

April, 2007 brought some technical difficulties…

I have so much to share, but my blog is all screwed up. So this is test message.  All my custom design, lists, etc. are gone and even when I redo my widgets they don’t show up. So this is a test message:


And in May, 2007, I am still obsessed with said technical difficulties…

 ignored my blog for a couple of days and like a recalcitrant child it paid me back by totally misbehaving, resetting my presentation, deleting my lists, rewiring my wigits and just generally throwing a cyberspace temper tantrum.   We are *almost* in working order again, though, after a strict time out and no desserts for a couple of days.  Discipline your blog with a firm hand, I say, and do so immediately – otherwise it won’t understand the lesson.

It’s June, now, and I’m beginning to realize all of my intro graphs are basically worthless…

My blogging, indeed, all of my writing, was thwarted this week when some press credentials I did NOT expect to come through, did, and I suddenly found myself Chicago-bound to represent the cancer hospital at a large annual meeting for clinical oncologists. I knew, of course, about the possibility of this trip but I really didn’t think it would work out. Which just goes to show.

July, 2007

 am admittedly remiss in posting – and for that I apologize.  We are in the midst of a bit of a brough-ha-ha here at work and it’s keeping us all preoccupied, and this weekend seemed to fly by so quickly I had no chance to put fingers to keypad.  Now it’s nearly my favorite holiday, the 4th of July (despite my liberal leanings I am still a patriot) and S. and I are off Up North to first celebrate with my folks and then to the cabin for three days without cell phones, computers or any way to stay in touch at all. This break is much needed for both of us, but don’t be surprised if we come back with entirely new life plans. That often happens when we have lots of time on our hands and nothing much to do but watch the water.

Okay, I am resolving here and now to really  try in 2008 to keep the “I’m sorry I haven’t blogged posts” to a bare minimum. This is embarrassing.

August brings progress!

First of all, let’s take a moment to revel in the fact that I have managed to upload a photo.

September (or, finally, she starts off with the subject she’s actually writing about!)

I’m not sure whether it’s ironic, appropriate or disturbing that I’m writing my first “marriage” post less than twenty-four hours after S. and I had one of our rare balls-to-the-walls fights, the kind of dramatic fight that can only occur when one’s husband refuses to accept the obvious double standard reserved for wives of sons in this world, and thinks it is utterly acceptable for women too – oh, wait.

October, 2007

Just when I think I’ve lost my sense of humor completely, my mom calls.

November, in the middle of the Oven Chronicles….

Days without return call from landlord: almost five

By December, I’m really no longer blogging in full sentences…

On March 26, 2006, I ate the following:

bk: coffee, yogurt, peanut butter on a banana

dn: chicken and sausage, mashed potatoes, green peas, wine

Hmm. This process has only reaffirmed my notion that while I should retain some of my more spontaneous, narcisstic posting, it would probably behoove you, me and the blog world in general if I up my game a bit in 2008 and try and tackle subjects with a bit more, shall we say, weight, to them. Eee gads.

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3 Responses to First lines meme

  1. Dorothy W. says:

    It’s great the way this meme gives you a perspective on your year — I enjoy your more serious posts and the lighter ones AND the narcissistic ones!

  2. Emily Barton says:

    I love this one. Gotta give it a whirl.

  3. Stefanie says:

    heh, I think December was just bringing you back full circle to the “well” that was the start of the year 🙂

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