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Resolutions and planning – an update

In December, the luminous Bloglily  challenged many bloggers to share what kind of plans they make in order to balance the things that make up their lives. At the time I decided to revisit my endless to-do lists, my food … Continue reading

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Dump cake – because rules are made to be broken

I’ve been on weight watchers since, oh, October, I guess and so far have lost thirteen pounds, just ever-so-slightly less than one pound a week, which my online tools kit assures me is a healthy and maintainable way to lose but … Continue reading

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Leap of faith

For some reason, this post feels incredibly difficult to write. And really, there is no explanation.  What I have to share with all of you is joyous news (and no, I am not pregnant). But it’s joyous news utterly fraught … Continue reading

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Kitchen Confidential

It seems like everybody and her brother has read and reviewed this memoir, but I only completed it last week, and it left me charged enough to want to write about it here, so that, in and of itself, makes … Continue reading

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Anthony Bourdain and Britney Spears, bringing folks together since, well, two days ago

Very recently, I found myself once again the victim of Northwest Airlines utter ineptitude. According to all weather reports, the skies were clear from where I was flying from, to where I was flying to, and, in fact, better, brighter, more … Continue reading

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Not Uncommitted

It’s Saturday morning. It’s a lovely winter day outside – the air frosty, the sun shining. I’ve treated myself to both cream and sugar in my coffee, when normally I drink it black. I slept beautifully last night and woke … Continue reading

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Quick quick writing notes…

1. Describing a neighborhood is hard 2. Describing a home is harder 3. It sucks that just as you get in the groove of writing about the above, you have to go to work… 4. There are sick days, and … Continue reading

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We interrupt this rant…

to bring you happenings from around the blogosphere. Brought to you by the if you can’t say anything nice coalition.  What rant, you ask? Why, the one I’m writing in my head, to be posted on Friday. I will be … Continue reading

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Despite all evidence to the contrary, I declare my innocence

I testify, here and now, that I have not now, nor in recent memory, nor in faraway memory, lost, forgotten, or otherwise misplaced a single one of our spoons.  S., who cannot be here to testify today, swore on our recently … Continue reading

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Resolution complexities, and a little about the caucus

It’s January 3rd, and already I’ve encountered some complicating factors with regards to my New Year resolutions. For instance, today is the third day that I have not purchased any coffee or bottled water, which meets my MAIN goal of … Continue reading

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