One last holiday drink, one last holiday dinner

Happy New Year! As I write this, I’m sitting at my writing table, next to 2007’s Christmas tree. The ornaments are packed away, the lights have been wrestled from the tree and tomorrow we will manhandle it out the door and pick up all the needles. At first I thought certainly I would return my writing desk to the window it’s usually against, but it turns out having a desk without a view has certain advantages. Namely, that I don’t find myself distracted by the goings on of our neighbors. The new spot also has more light.

We had a wonderful holiday, and while I could fill you in on the beautiful meals, the time spent with my three sister-in-laws and other family members, the hikes, the afternoon spent in Ithaca book stores, it could take days to get to it all so instead I’ll share the one true accomplishment S. and I are both inordinantly pleased with: finally, after listening to it ten times, we finally like the new Allison Krauss and Robert Plant c.d.   Among our myriad family members it was THE gift to both give and receive and while everybody else waxed poetic about just how incredible it is, S. and I listened to it the first time, looked at each other, and felt our cool factor drop about ten degrees. We listened to it again, and grew annoyed (I think I at one pointed shouted at both artists to shut up about the damn letter they wrote), and then we listened to it again and nearly gave up. Finally, yesterday, we put it in our home stereo (the other listens were all in the car while driving around New York and Pennsylvania) and finally really heard the instrumentals -incredible! The voices are much richer on our home player, as well. So, I feel sufficiently hip once again but S. would probably remind you all that I still hate Wilco.

New Year’s Day has been a wonderful beginning of the 2008, replete with seeing the movie Atonement with A. and then enjoying a plateful of nachos and a mug of beer at a nearby bar. Sam is waiting for me to join him with a cocktail (tomorrow, sadly, I will have to return to being a bit more responsible) and the New Year’s curry is on the stove. Before I get to the New Year’s curry, though, I thought I would post my New Year’s resolution.  I thought about going back and discussing previous plans and resolutions but I think it would take too long…law school resumes soon and my husband won’t be nearby, awaiting me. So.

When I began writing New Year’s resolutions a few days ago, I found I couldn’t stop. I kept writing and writing and I think this is because 2008 is bound to be a year of change for us – S. graduates and takes the bar, and we will probably be moving. I am almost electric with excitement for 2008, and I think the upcoming transition is what caused me to release a flood of resolutions onto the pages of my journal. For the sake of brevity, though, I’m only going to list the resolutions I intend to track on this blog:

1. Make one positive change for the environment every month – This month I am giving up purchasing coffee and bottled water – I buy one cup of coffee five days a week, and usually a bottle of water with it. If I find I absolutely must have a store-bought coffee, I will ask that my travel mug be filled. And I have a sturdy water bottle ready to go. By the end of January, I should have thrown away 45 fewer drink containers.

2. Streamline my life in such a way as to concentrate on writing, reading, yoga and seeing movies and plays, and cooking delicious meals. I’ve given away all of my knitting things, and retired my running shoes.  I am determined to no longer spend time doing things I don’t enjoy completely.

3. Embrace my inner academic – to tackle difficultly in my reading life, my writing life, and my work life. To not take the easy way out.

4. Live on less, spend less – S. and I by no way having money problems but he will be taking a long period off of work to study for the bar and I will be the sole income for our little family. Realistically this is no problem at all – I can easily support us, but we have grown used to our two-income life, going out of town whenever we want, staying at favorite hotels, eating at fancy restaurants and these things won’t be possible to do on just one income. On the one hand, S.’s quitting his job and just studying makes me nervous, but on the other I think it will feed my other resolutions and, you know, it doesn’t make me that nervous.

5. Learn to make bread from scratch

6. Finish two drafts of my novel

So, as noted, the above resolutions are the resolutions I intend to blog about throughout the year. I have others, like never do any exercise I hate,  to stop talking about dieting, etc – but those are of little interest to me, let alone you, I’m sure.

I’m excited about 2008 – I hope you all are, too. I hope this year brings everyone peace, and love, and satisfaction. It’s time for me to try our curry, which S. makes every year on this day. The beauty of the New Year’s Day curry is that some years, like the year he added too much ginger, it’s just awful, and some year’s, it’s transcendent. He plays with the recipe every year -it’s one tradition we’ve never missed. I imagine 2008 will be like S.’s annual curry – predictably inconsistent. Below is a picture of this year’s batch – here’s hoping!


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9 Responses to One last holiday drink, one last holiday dinner

  1. yogamum says:

    What great resolutions!

    Two novel drafts??? Wow!!!! I hope to get through one!

  2. Dorothy W. says:

    Those are wonderful resolutions — I like the one about not doing things you don’t want to. Life is too short to force yourself to do things you don’t absolutely have to do! And I agree about not doing exercise you don’t want to — the only reason I ride my bike so much is because I love it — if I didn’t, I wouldn’t!

  3. bloglily says:

    I do think you have a much better chance of getting things done if they are things you really like to do! It sounds so simple, but in practice, it’s not all that easy. I’m looking forward to hearing more. Happy New Year to you dear Courtney.

  4. Great resolutions, Courtney! I think being “electric with excitement” is a wonderful way to start a new year.

  5. litlove says:

    Happy New Year, Courtney! I love the sound of your resolutions and can’t wait to hear you blog about them!

  6. Andi says:

    Now THOSE are great resolutions! I’ve done something similar this year (although it’s not on the blog yet). I’m officially steering away from weight-related resolutions, because really, who cares?!

    And I love the idea of the New Year’s curry!

  7. Sarah says:

    Those are great resolutions! And I’m completely with you on baking your own bread–I have a couple of fantastic (and easy) recipes if you’d like (I don’t do the bread baking, my husband does, but I’m an excellent taste-tester!). And I’m sooo with you on streamlining one’s life. I hope you have a fantastic 2008! 🙂

  8. Yogamum – keep in mind I’ve been working on mine for a long time – so I should finish the first draft in june of this year, take the summer off, and do the second draft in the fall…

    Dorothy – I finally realized I hate running and much prefer swimming, dance and yoga…I’ve been putting the miles in but hating every second of it. No more!

    Bloglily – and happy new year to YOU, too!

    Charlotte – it’s the first time I’ve felt this electricity in a while…

    Litlove – thank you! I am looking forward to writing about them, LOL.

    Andi – yes,really, who does care? Also, I’m eating carbs from now on…

    Sarah, I would love the recipes. Could you email them to me?everythinginbetween77 at yahoo dot com?

  9. Sarah says:

    The bread recipes are coming, I swear! I just have to get my husband to pick out his faves and I’ll email them to you ASAP!

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