We interrupt this rant…

to bring you happenings from around the blogosphere. Brought to you by the if you can’t say anything nice coalition.  What rant, you ask? Why, the one I’m writing in my head, to be posted on Friday. I will be addressing Michigan’s Democratic Party, the Big 10 network, and Michigan’s failed government, in general . As I did with final papers, I have committed this rant firmly in my memory and intend to vomit onto this blog sometime on the 11th of this month.

That said. There are some seriously rocking happenings around the blogosphere as of late and I thought I would bring your attention to two of them.   First of all, the remarkable Litlove of Tales from the Reading Room has started a new blog that collects the best writing from the blogosphere.  The first edition can be found here. She possesses remarkable taste and her chosen posts reflect it. It’s interesting…recently a former graduate school colleague of mine was in charge of scouring the internet for an upcoming edition “Best of” collection and kept encouraging me to submit blog pieces to her. I kept telling her no, that my blog is where I go to get AWAY from all the submission insanity, and basically serves as a repository for all the ideas I want to write someday, and then she submitted something without telling me, and it didn’t make the cut, and she wrote me to let me know, and I was all “I can’t believe I got rejected without knowing I submitted! And of course it didn’t get accepted, what you submitted was crap!” And etc., etc., etc. I was bothered from the beginning by the idea of non-bloggers surveying blogs and choosing the “best ofs” – it feels like trespassing, somehow. But when Charlotte produces editions of her zine, or Litlove tackles something like she has, I feel as though I am in very good hands – because both innately understand blogging, and it’s quirky wonderfulness, and that it can be so much more than naval gazing, and they don’t spend anytime at all with the kind of introduction I’m sure will accompany this new “Best of” edition, mulling over and contemplating every negative aspect of blogging, only to humble itself by admitting a “few” blogs are “okay…”

Okay, it looks like I’m taking up a whole new rant. Seriously, just go read Litlove’s compilation, immedietely. Or….

the new issue of Estella’s Revenge is up! I’ve begun reading it and I think it might be the best issue to date.

So, go read – read – read. Rant to come on Friday.

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5 Responses to We interrupt this rant…

  1. Thanks for the pointer to Estella’s Revenge. I’ve just enjoyed a great read, and now I’m desperate to get my hands on Big Fat Manifesto.

  2. litlove says:

    Courtney, thank you SO, SO, much for the publicity. I need to get round as much of the blogosphere as possible and the more people who know about the blog and email me (litlove@tbrbooks.com) with nominations for posts the better. You would have been in the first edition if only Baby Duck is Getting Married, or your fabulous post on Hillary Clinton had been chronologically nearer the end of the year (well, and a host of others, too). In fact, I’m looking forward to your rant as I’d love a bit of politics in the next edition (no pressure :))!

  3. Emily Barton says:

    Rant on! You’re great when you rant.

  4. Andi says:

    Yeee! I’m looking very forward to your rant!

    In the meantime, thanks so much for your Estella plug. We always appreciate it!

    And I LOVE Litlove’s new venture. Off to read!

  5. Courtney says:

    All – the rant is coming, don’t worry. Too much to do today, though, so between now and Tuesday, definitely BEFORE tuesday…

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