Quick quick writing notes…

1. Describing a neighborhood is hard

2. Describing a home is harder

3. It sucks that just as you get in the groove of writing about the above, you have to go to work…

4. There are sick days, and personal days, and vacation days….I wonder if I could call in and take a novel day? Just explain to my boss that the work is going so well that I need to keep going, so I’m going to take a novel day? I’m thinking, since my boss has professed to me she hates reading, this probably wouldn’t go over well….

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6 Responses to Quick quick writing notes…

  1. auntjone says:

    Yes, there should be novel days. Just like there should be “I’m too well to attend work today” days. I’d have mine used up in the first month, I’m sure.

  2. Andi says:

    Ugg, work is such a drag (says the woman who really likes her job). But, yes, having to quit in the middle of a great writing day is craptaculous. I’ve had very few superlative stretches of writing lately, but I would hate to go to work in the midst of one.

  3. Cam says:

    I think I need a sick day to get into the right frame of mind so that I can take a “too well to work” day.

    Glad to hear that the writing is going well — even if it had to stop due to work.

  4. yogamum says:

    Your boss hates reading?

    I don’t trust people who hate reading 😉

  5. emilybarton says:

    It’s just terrible that work so often gets in the way of life, isn’t it?

  6. Courtney says:

    Aunt Jone,
    It’s actually a movement in some workplaces to institute “well days” for employees if they quit smoking, obtain healthy weights, etc – I love the idea!
    And good to see you!

    Andi, I actually, for the most part, love my job too. Still hard to come in when the novel is working so well, though!


    Yogamum – yes, my boss hates reading. She’s very open about it – she barely likes reading the stuff our department puts out!

    Emily – it stinks. We need to find a grant to fund our writing at this point, I think…

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