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It’s been a long time since….DIARY FRIDAY!

I thought it might be fun today to excerpt some sections from my graduate school journal(s) from the first time I moved to Pittsburgh.  I moved here the first time in 2002, when I was 25. I wrote these journals … Continue reading

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In the event of a crisis

When I took eighth grade biology, my science teacher, Mr. White, liked to freak me out by throwing dead frogs my way. My dad was a teacher as well, and I grew up knowing most of the teachers I would … Continue reading

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The Yiddish Banana Policemen’s Butterscotch Union Muffins

or, two reviews – one post. A-hem. Banana Butterscotch Muffines – from Nigella Express: 130 Recipes for Good Food, Fast Nothing stresses S. out like when I buy bananas. For some reason he sees four or five or six green-tinged … Continue reading

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Sounds from my new apartment, at five-something in the morning

In my old condo, when I awoke at five-something in the morning to write,  I would hear 1. the tv of my nearly deaf, elderly neighbor, blaring through the walls and 2. the high-pitched bark of her little, scruffy dog, … Continue reading

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Settling In

I am sitting in my neighborhood coffee shop, taking ludicrous advantage of free wireless internet since I don’t yet have it in my home. Outside snow is falling – has been falling, in fact, for two straight days. Next to … Continue reading

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As it turns out…

blogging and moving do not go hand-in-hand. It was my original intent to blog through my transition, but in my final two weeks of work I could either choose to be an effective worker or an effective blogger – I … Continue reading

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