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Diary Friday – The graduate school years, continued

S. is fast asleep in the next room, and if you’ve been living in the mid west this winter and experienced our weather and our flu season, you must recognize this for the success it is. All manner of things … Continue reading

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The novel – an update

Last night over Easter margaritas, and in between long talks on marriage, some of which I plan to recount here, and E. and her husband’s recent purchase (should closing go just fine, fingers crossed) of a beautiful, rambling, fixer-upper in … Continue reading

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The Food Meme

Today’s post was meant to be (because I do have a sort of plan I follow – not a strict plan, but a general plan) the review of two wonderful books, Ron McClurty’s The Memory of Running and Joan Didion’s … Continue reading

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I was tripping along beautifully through this new life of mine, remarking every few days or so how smoothly the whole transition had gone, how amazing it is to no longer drive much at all, how much I love this … Continue reading

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Oh, Good Lord

Just when I finally think I have my arguments organized enough to finally compose my blog post comparing Obama, Clinton and McCain to Bert, Ernie and Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street, I end up all distracted by this whole … Continue reading

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Two memes for the price of one

So I know I’ve been tagged at some point for both of these memes but I can no longer remember by whom. I’m wondering if the day exists where I will catch up on all the memes I owe – … Continue reading

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I’ve spent a small bit of time today cleaning up my links and reorganzing the blog a bit – if I don’t link to you and you would like a link leave me a comment here and I will rectify … Continue reading

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