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1/3 the way there, and the ecojustice challenge

April is almost over and since we are nearly a third of the way through the year it seems like a good time to check in with my new year’s resolutions and see how Things are Going. When I created … Continue reading

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I was going to blog, but…

my dog ate my computer. Okay, okay. I don’t have a dog. I was feeling guilty for not being able to fit in a proper blog for nearly a week, but as I caught up with my blog reading yesterday … Continue reading

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The airplane ovation

The most interesting things happen at airports and on airplanes. Maybe this is why while the very thought of packing and preparing for a trip throws me into brief fits of ugly hysteria, I immediately grow calm once my bags … Continue reading

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Not quite bullets, but practically so – my life in numbers

0 – the number of minutes I spent with my novel on this trip, mostly because my conference is exhausting but also because I am lazy… 1 – the number of blog posts (this one) I will have managed to … Continue reading

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Ridiculousness, in bullet points

I should just stop blogging about what I plan to blog about because every time I do it NEVER and I mean NEVER works out. Never. I had all these grand plans to blog about Clinton and Obama and then, … Continue reading

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On current politics, part one of ?

First of all, I really should belatedly thank all of you who sent email notes and left phone messages long ago when John Edwards dropped out of the democratic race for president. I’m sorry I ignored you – I was … Continue reading

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Spring is coming, spring is coming…

because the Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh says so. I didn’t want to leave on Sunday –

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