Not quite bullets, but practically so – my life in numbers

0 – the number of minutes I spent with my novel on this trip, mostly because my conference is exhausting but also because I am lazy…

1 – the number of blog posts (this one) I will have managed to write while in San Diego, mostly (nay, entirely) because my internet connection has been so terrible –

2 – the number of times I ordered mahi mahi tacos for dinner

3 – the number of times I have considered requesting the journalist sitting next to me at this moment please please please stop  talking to herself

4  – hours left  until I board the red eye for home

5 – number of hours it took for my luggage to arrive last week (not too shabby at all, I think!)

6 – average number of times my blackberry rang with questions from the office each day

7 – number of times my parents called to make sure I was still alive

8 – number of hives on my right arm that mysteriously appeared after eating an apple yesterday

9- number of ” contacts” I have made for future reference

10 – number of times I have wondered why people live in southern california

11 – probably the number of pounds I have gained from eating pastries, bread, omelets, tacos, guacamole and imbibing  margaritas –

12 – the number of months it will probably take to get rid of the above 11 pounds

13 – number of gray hairs I’ve counted last week

14 – number of minutes it took me from gray-hair counting to calling my man Corey for my first coloring, and

15 – number of hours between me and my little, tree-shaded apartment in Pittsburgh – that is, if all goes well

‘Kay, I’m off for one more seafood dinner and one more margarita (they squeeze fresh oranges and limes for them here!) – more upon my return to Pittsburgh.

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3 Responses to Not quite bullets, but practically so – my life in numbers

  1. yogamum says:

    Mmmm, mahi mahi tacos!! Worth every ounce!

  2. Noble Savage says:

    You only wondered ten times why people live in Southern California? That’s a pretty conservative number for a Midwesterner or East Coast girl! 😉

  3. Courtney says:

    Yogamum…we’ll see tomorrow when I step on the scale. They were wonderful, though!
    Noble Savage..LOL. Actually I am referring more to the expense – everything is tremendously expensive there, but the sprawl got to me as well…

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