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Fess Up Friday – Chicago edition

I’m in Chicago for the conference I attend every year and thus probably won’t return to blogging until sometime next week (Wednesday or Thursday) but I promised myself I wouldn’t miss Fess Up Friday so here’s a quick update: Novel: … Continue reading

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Losing My Feminism

The first time I noticed, really noticed, my feminism slipping between my fingers, I was standing outside of Pennsylvania Macaroni in the Strip District with E. It was a bright, cold Saturday morning and she was asking one of the … Continue reading

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Fess Up Friday

Writing – novel: Finished chapter eight and intent to begin chapter nine after this post. Have decided chapter nine will be the concluding chapter in this act even though I had originally intended on ten chapters per act…but the events … Continue reading

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Handing out some blog love

Every so often someone gives me a shout-out for my blog – linking to a post she found particularly insightful, recommending it as a favorite blog, things like that. I am always so incredibly flattered when it happens, and I … Continue reading

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Domestic Goddessness Interrupted!Recipe Included!

S. arrived home early, stinking of woodsmoke, cigars and sweat accumulated from three days in the woods with dudes (he went to our cabin with my brother and some friends before officially moving home). I was this close to completing … Continue reading

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Trying to be a domestic goddess

Progress on becoming a domestic goddess this weekend to be updated throughout Sunday: Currently listening: Juno soundtrack Last weekend, S. and his friend Patrick moved the contents of our Michigan condominium across Ohio and into our Pittsburgh apartment and then … Continue reading

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Fess Up Friday

So this is my one thing I know for sure : I can either blog, or I can write, but I cannot do both in the same week. This blog has been woefully ignored since the past weekend when I … Continue reading

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