Not a real post!

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Just have to ask…

I just finished watching Clinton’s chief advisor wax poetic about how “close” the campaign is and how she could still be the nominee and how she’s “ahead” in the popular vote…

are they delusional? Am I? Do they think if they say it, it will come true?  Listening to their campaign makes me wonder alternately for their, and my, sanity…

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4 Responses to Not a real post!

  1. yogamum says:

    It seems like politicians of all stripes get up in the power of magical thinking, in this “if I say it enough times, it will become true.”

    I’m getting pissed off at Hillary, to be honest.

  2. SFP says:

    Hillary is at the point where she believes that only uneducated white people count–that is her math.

    She needs to drop out and rehabilitate herself.

  3. Cam says:

    You are so right! My husband laughed at me yesterday when I kept shouting at the television: “You’re delusional!”. I think those were the first words out of my mouth this morning as Terry McAliff was on the tv when I woke up. Not a good way to start one’s day!

    It makes me question everything else that she has said. If I hear one more time: ‘Ready on Day 1’, I’m going to scream.

    And yet, there are plenty of people who are voting for her. I can only think that they aren’t the folks who watch the news. The airwaves in Indianapolis were flooded last week with bits about the ‘Gas Tax Holiday’. As I was standing in the queue to get into the Obama Rally, some smart@ss drove by and screamed: “You’ll all be walking this summer without that Tax Holiday!”. Now how did he know about Clinton’s proposal and NOT know about not just Obama’s refusual to buy into such hooey, but also that most economists agree that it would not only put little money in our pockets (just as Obama says), but that it would actually put people out of work!

    I have a low milage car and don’t travel distances. So I’m lucky that I only have to fill up 2x month. At 20 cents/gallon, I would save $18 on $4/gal gas for 3 months. Woop-de-do! When was the last time you put $18 in your tank! A friend of mine who has a gas-hogging monster truck would save $75 –but she currently chooses to spend $120/WEEK on gas. The savings is minimal in either case.

    I’m stepping off my soap box now.

  4. Yogamum, I’m growing more and more upset with her as well, as is S. And what is up with her asking superdelegates to pledge to her “in secret” yesterday? Even if I didn’t vote for her before I did admire her but she is quickly losing my respect. If she withdraws ASAP she can salvage some of her reputation and have a wonderful Senate run.

    SFP -LOL. There are for sure some posts to be written regarding this ridiculous emphasis on the blue collar, working class white person (and why that group has forced Obama to drink beer, which just looks hilarious) but that’s for another time. C’mon, Senatory – drop out now!

    Cam, did you see the piece comparing the gas tax holiday essentially to money laundering? And I think you and I saw the same television segment yesterday. It’s sad to say, but I think a lot of people are voting for Hillary because of the inherent racism in our country. One of my friends worked the polls here on primary day and said a lot of people switched parties to vote for her because they didn’t want a Black man as president. I believe in Obama and I believe he will be a wonderful president but he has one damn tough road ahead of him regarding the story of race in our country, and sometimes I wonder if he’s just too good to be put through the ringer like that…

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