Dispatches from my bed

This post will be continuously updated throughout the weekend…

11:00 am, Saturday morning – the commitment I’ve made to myself to not do anything if it can’t be done on my bed is much more difficult than I imagined. Things that I have thought about doing since I woke up: go to farmers market, pay bills, unpack *just a little bit,* go buy a new belt and blouse, walk to festival down the street for music and fresh flowers, go to yoga. The thing is, though, my body is tired and needs to balance. It needs to NOT run around town this weekend. I have a terrible time listening to what my body needs, what my mind needs, and in the last several years I’ve found myself fitting in things I enjoy as though they are chores. I didn’t make this kind of life change – I didn’t move us across Ohio and into a city – to maintain the same kind of approach to life I had in Michigan. So, here I sit, in my pajamas on Saturday morning, having just finished a yogurt, and I find myself wondering, what is it, right now, I want to do? And I think – I think – I want to throw on a cozy sweatshirt, put in the Herbie Hancock cd I purchased, and read Heart Shaped Box until I no longer feel like reading. Also, I feel like catching up on some blog reading. So, I’m going to start there.

2:49, Saturday – Well, I am almost done with Joe Hill’s novel! I am thoroughly enjoying it – just what I needed to pull out of a reading slump while remaining prone on my bed. Right now I am carefully eating some lemongrass soup. I had a BAD reaction to something I ate yesterday, which I think was more powerful because I’m still recovering from this sinus/virus/mystery bug. Everyone I know who has had it swears it takes several weeks to get rid of, and it seems two drinks and a heavy dinner were too much for my system. It’s strange, isn’t it, how frail our bodies are, sometimes? Okay, back to my book. Currently listening: Into the Wild soundtrack – all Eddie Vedder all the time…

6:03 pm, Saturday – I finished Heart Shaped Box – great book! My dad read it recently too and he asked if I thought Hill’s query looked like this :Hi. I’m Stephen King’s son. While I was reading it was easy to get into the whole “I’m staying on my bed all weekend” plan but now I’m getting a little stressed – there’s so much I’m not doing – bills and laundry top the list right now. I’d better transition to the next thing, but there’s a strong possibility I’m not going to last all weekend…Currently listening: Take the Weather with You, Jimmy Buffett. I don’t get into the whole hula skirt/margarita drinking craziness of him and don’t need to see him in concert, but he’s a GREAT lyricist.

8:30 pm, Saturday – There is nothing on television. Didn’t there used to be things on television? Hmm. Day one on the bed is drawing to a close. My neighbor is hosting a dinner outside on our porch, which also happens to be outside my bedroom window. I just heard her say “I’m not the same old Jen from a year ago. I was crazy then. Now, I’ve conquered some demons, and I’m settled down.” I have a sneaking suspicion I will get off the bed tomorrow. This has been real, but in the end I simply have too much energy for a repeat, I think. Perhaps I’ll try for a couple of hours, tomorrow, on the bed….the goal, really, is for balance, yes? And I haven’t had balance in a long, long time. Today was a great start, but I think two days is asking  a bit much, from a personality such as myself…

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7 Responses to Dispatches from my bed

  1. Make Tea Not War says:

    Wow, just like John and Yoko!:) (Apart from the fact you are doing it for health reasons rather than as a political protest, and they didn’t have the technology to live blog their bed-in, and a few other minor details…oh but anyway) Have a lovely, restful weekend! I’m rather envious.

  2. Andi says:

    I’m so glad you liked it! I had a couple of quibbles with the latter half, but not enough to make me dislike it in any way. The first half scared me so badly, I couldn’t read when B was gone at night!

  3. litlove says:

    I often find that when I commit to resting my mind initially resists. It just shows you how much you’ve been racing mentally over the past few weeks. Hang on in there – it will calm down eventually and you will really be able to reap the benefit of that balancing act. It really is worth it.

  4. My Spouse is sick all of a sudden- came back from a trip on Friday and now he’s got a cold or something. I made him go to bed and sleep but it was so hard! He wouldn’t go at first, and then he did but he wouldn’t lie still, and he kept thinking of things to do. Rest, balance, letting the body catch up with itself- they’re the best medicines for anything in the world.
    That said, I don’t even follow my own advice. But today I’m the doctor and not the patient so I can say what I like!
    If it was possible to stop thinking at all for a period of time, that would be lovely. But the mind goes too fast.

  5. Katie says:

    Did I tell you about my experience at the Royal Oak farmer’s market? I finally went… interesting way to spend a Saturday morning. It will probably be better once more fruits & veggies are actually in season in MI, so I will definitely keep hitting it this summer 🙂

    Miss you!

  6. Emily Barton says:

    My guess is that you probably needed that second day in bed, as well, but that’s easy for your sister to say from afar when she knows perfectly well her “Day in Bed for Balance” would have been spent exactly as yours was, reading, but worrying about what wasn’t getting done, and she’d be itching to get up and out by now.

  7. Ms. Tea – I have purchased white rain conditioner. I am ready to begin cowashing. So what is keeping me? I do not know. Perhaps I need another weekend in bed to figure it out…
    Andi – I would love to talk further about this book sometime…was it perchance the combining of Anna/Marybeth? I found that sort of disturbing…
    Litlove – alas, I didn’t make it through sunday. I had to do SOMETHING. Started with the bills, moved to cleaning…but I did manage all of Saturday.
    Elementary – I know, I know…it is so easy to understand conceptually the need for rest and so darn hard to apply that sense to daily life…I do hope your husband feels better soon!
    Katie – no, you didn’t. We HAVE to catch up. Call me when you have time! And yes, farmers markets improve immeasurably through the summer and fall.
    Emily – yep, exactly. I got up and out. One day – totally doable. Two, impossible!

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