Handing out some blog love

Every so often someone gives me a shout-out for my blog – linking to a post she found particularly insightful, recommending it as a favorite blog, things like that. I am always so incredibly flattered when it happens, and I always promise to do my version of Charlotte’s Web or Litlove’s Best New Writing on the Web or one of Emily’s compilations and then I never, ever do.

That time has passed, my friends – that time has passed.  Within the blogging community and even outside of it, it is sort of agreed that we all read blogs, and write them, because the medium fills such a unique niche – the writing is often better than that found in traditional magazines, and unlike magazines there are few advertisements. Readers can choose blogs by category, so if one wants to read about food, marathon training, motherhood, cancer  – it’s all available with the click of a mouse.  I just read in the NYTimes recently that one in ten people have a blog – so it’s obviously filling some sort of greater societal need besides just naval gazing.

Anyway, I enjoy the blogs I read for lots of different reasons, and so I thought I would start every so often highlighting some of the blogs I read so that people who read this blog might be motivated to check some more out.  I imagine these posts will change over time, but for now I am going to begin by discussing the different blogs on my “blogroll” – why I read them, and why you might want to as well.

Today’s edition brings you Bloggers I Know in Real Life, and Why you Might like them, Too:

1. First up – I would like to introduce my friend E.’s new blog: Bless This DIY Mess – E. and I went to graduate school together, both for nonfiction writing. Not only is she a great friend, the kind of friend you can call with tickets to West Side Story and even though she is in the throes of Wicked Pittsburgh Spring Virus, she will dope herself up with Dayquil, put on a skirt, and join you, she is an amazing writer and I am so happy to she has decided to blog, so I can again read her excellent writing. Her blog centers around the adventure she and her husband have taken on – they recently purchased a large, gorgeous home in Pittsburgh which needs to be remodeled essentially from start to finish. Her blog talks about this, her marriage, her family and I think if you like reading about me and S. and my thoughts on marriage you are going to fall just in love with her blog.

2. K. was a member of the 4th Street Writing Group I belonged to in Detroit – she still is, actually. K. is a gifted writer and designer, and her blog is very in-betweeny, like mine – lots of ruminations about different things, from an infatuation with Beverly Hills, 90210 (and don’t think I won’t be posting in the supposed ‘new’ version – I totally will be) to carrot cake and all it’s glory to writer’s block – so check out BlackCash.

3. Another K., another member of the 4th Street Writing Group – K. is one of the most amazing fiction writers I’ve had the pleasure to read and it is truly only a matter of time (and submitting, K!) before she sells her novel, I just know it. K. can always be counted on to read a draft and someone know exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Her blog deals primarily with reading, writing and the inherent struggles with both – Creative Fallout.

4 Yet another K., and there is still one more to go. This is ridiculousness on a whole other level – even worse than the fact all of my sister-in-laws have names that begin with M. Anyway – K. is the best person I know. She just is. That’s all I’m going to tell you about her blog, so if you are interested in reading the blog written by the very best person I know, go check her out.

5. And another K., and my final in the list for today although I’m actually, surprisingly, not anywhere near done with bloggers I know in real life and so I will pick this theme up again at a later date. I’ve known THIS K. since high school, and dated him briefly before I left for college.  Our relationship didn’t last but our friendship certainly did. K. is one of those rare people who knew as soon as he could talk he wanted to be a writer, and has since dedicated his life to doing just that. He has more dedication than anyone I’ve ever met and if publishing happens for anyone, it really should be him. To read his writing, go here.

Okay, that’s my bloggy love for today…if you are on my blogroll you can expect to find yourself featured here in the coming weeks, and if you aren’t on my blogroll but you link to me, as always, let me know. Stay tuned tomorrow for Fess Up Friday.

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4 Responses to Handing out some blog love

  1. Emily says:

    What a wonderful idea! Not that I need to be adding to my blog roll, but…

    Maybe soon you and I will be creating the “Bloggers I Now Know in Real Life” category.

  2. Elaine says:

    Thanks for the shoutout, C! It’s a true pleasure to know and love you – in real life, blog life, and everything in between.

  3. Stefanie says:

    So does this mean in order to know you in real life a person’s name has to start with K? 😉

  4. I know a few bloggers in RL, but not enough! I keep trying to persuade my friends to start blogs. The other option is to organise that great Anglo-American Blog Meet-up we keep talking about, then I can add you to my Bloggers I’ve Met list.

    I promise to give my attention to the Ks, and also to E.

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