Fess Up Friday

Writing – novel: Finished chapter eight and intent to begin chapter nine after this post. Have decided chapter nine will be the concluding chapter in this act even though I had originally intended on ten chapters per act…but the events in chapter nine are perfect to move into act two. It’s going to be a big, messy, overwhelming chapter to write, but also one of the more fun ones, I think. It will probably take me a few weeks to complete. Oh, and I decided time-wise it DOES work if Ben served in Somalia instead of Iraq so I don’t have to redo my time line. Anyway, chapter nine is exciting – I get to introduce a conflict character, some hidden journals, the sender of the mysterious postcard…but in all honesty I’m looking most forward to completing it so I can dig into act 2, which is will be chapters from when Anna and Ben fell in love and it will develop Michael (Anna’s dad) more fully as well.  Today I think I’m just going to write the opening line of chapter nine so it’s started for the weekend.

Writing, other: n/a

Reading: Firefly Lane is a terrible book. I found myself groaning during some of the writing. Finally S. said “You wouldn’t watch a bad movie all the way through so why keep reading?” I shelved it! I never stop reading books, so I’m all very liberated today. I’ll put it on book mooch if I ever join or donate it to a library sale or something. Still reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and still loving it – she’s transformed the way I cook greens and I am dying to try her wild mushroom/asparagus bake.  S. and I are going to the farmers market in the morning for a few choice items (mostly, we have food from last week) – I’m looking for rhubarb!

Blogging: I am pleased with my regularity yet disappointed in my content.

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7 Responses to Fess Up Friday

  1. smithereens says:

    Nice to read your update!
    Rhubarb is a good idea. I love doing a strawberry/rhubarb crumble, what about you?

  2. musingsfromthesofa says:

    Firefly Lane – fairly ghastly, wasn’t it? Good luck with the rhubarb.

  3. laura says:

    Oooh, the mysterious postcard! I remember that! You definitely need to get this published so I can find out what happens 🙂

  4. Emily Barton says:

    So hard to give up on a book, isn’t it? But thank you for giving me another title I can happily avoid. Sounds like the novel is coming along swimmingly.

  5. toujoursjacques says:

    Hello. I found you at bloglily. I love the way you organized your fess up Friday. And good for you for your work on your novel. I loved Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and have also tried a number of the recipes. Thanks to Kingsolver, I realized I could preserve eggplant (roast, scoop it out, freeze) and so enjoyed eggplant dips, spreads, and even eggplant stuffed manicotti all winter. Yum. What do you do with your rhubarb? Glad I found your blog. I’ll be back! TJ

  6. Litlove says:

    You sound really into your novel, which must be the best sign of its progression. I’ve never read any Kingsolver but I’ve heard lots of good things about this particular title.

  7. Courtney says:

    Smithereens – I’m making the exact same dish for a party this evening.
    Musings – once I hit the graph about someone’s bed being Tully’s port I just had to stop…
    Laura – from your lips to god’s ears…
    Emily – it is tremendously hard to put a book down, no matter how bad it is. I don’t know why it’s so difficult.
    TJ – Welcome – I believe you’ve posted here once before? Thanks for the complements and I will be by your blog soon.
    Litlove – you should read Bean Trees by Kingsolver…it would fit in perfectly with your examiniations of motherhood!

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