Fess up Friday already?

How in the world is it Friday already? This week flew by. FLEW, I tell you. On wings and a prayer. Here are some things that happened this week that are NOT writing related : a. I had an awful allergy attack because of the changing weather that made me feel very uncomfortable and tired for most of the week UNTIL b. I finally bought a neti pot. Which seriously has changed my life. For those of you not in the know, a neti pot is a squat little, well, pot, that comes with it’s own salty saline solution, which you mix up with luke warm water. Then you plug the spout of the neti pot into a nostril, tilt your head (but dude, read the directions) and let the water wash out your sinuses. I am a new woman, although I am left wondering whether I use this every day, as some of the doctors I work for advocate, or use it only when I’m feeling allergies coming on? It’s an absolutely disgusting process but very worth it if you have allergies, which you probably do because there aren’t a whole lot of honey bees left which means there’s more pollen in the air this year than ever before, which reminds me, c. my mom accused me of killing the honey bees with my cell phone usage because she heard on NPR that it’s all of us running around with cell phones making all this white noise that has disoriented and killed all the bees. Also, she thinks I’m going to get a brain tumor and die from using a cell phone. Just an average, every day conversation with my mom. d. A woman at work who didn’t like something I wrote that EVERY BODY ELSE LOVED called me out by emailing me and cc’ing my supervisors but my boss, who is the best boss ever, totally stood up for me which was great and, in the end, I WAS RIGHT, but it made for a very stressful day regardless. I hate people who act small in the work place, especially when all any of us are really trying to do is provide excellent patient care in our own way. I ended Thursday with e. getting a manicure and pedicure and having my nails painted this fabulous bright pink which will be very unprofessional at work today but what the hell, it’s Friday.

But you wanted to know about my writing:

Novel writing – I purposely took this week off from novel writing because I wanted to do some research before diving into the next chapter. Specifically I wanted to recall what was going on in the world during the summer of 2002. My journal from that time is locked in storage and I should probably go find it but as we’ve all seen from previous diary entries it probably reads something like “Oh. My. God. I. HATE. TERRORISM. Will I ever get into graduate school?” It’s weird to think in the summer my novel takes place, we hadn’t yet invaded Iraq. It’s hard to believe there was a period of time where this criminal “war” wasn’t taking place, but there is lots of foreshadowing if its eventuality. Also, the economy was in shambles, everyone was trying to heed Bush’s advice and “get back to normal,” and a mega corporation was falling apart. I have enough information now to write the first chapter of act two so I start that this week.

Nonfiction writing – The interesting thing about novel writing is, it feels like I’m pouring everything I have into it and there isn’t a whole lot left for nonfiction. But essays were my first love and after returning to nonfiction reading I REALLY don’t want to abandon my roots so what I think I have to abandon, instead, is my MFA manuscript. I keep thinking I’ll return to it but whenever I do I am so terrible UNINSPIRED (I’m all about the capitalizations this morning). And I’m sort of thinking there might be a lot of possibilities for essays hiding out in this blog if I started going through my posts. I’ve had a few ideas for essays recently and I’ve decided to commit to playing around with them and see where they take me.

Work writing – Busy making friends and enemies with the power of language. One thing about me – I’m quite competitive in the work place once I know I have to be. Roar.

Misc – I HAVE to get my desk in order this weekend before I write one more word. I don’t know how it gets like this. Currently on my desk: stacks and stacks of novel notes, packs of S.’s bar study notecards (and. OH. THERE IS SO A POST ABOUT THE BAR EXAM COMING UP.) Lemon Pledge. Stacks of invitations for the shower i am throwing for my sister in law (wedding shower, not baby). A bunch of receipts we entered into Quicken but didn’t yet shred, my ipod, a pile of research from the summer of 2002, my address book and the slip for the dry cleaners. You know what there isn’t on my desk? Pens. We have lost all of our pens! OH! Before I forget, reading…

Reading – Still reading Lent and Dillard. I am a slow reader I guess.

Tonight – Free concert with brother, sister-in-law and friends in Oakland – the Old 97s. Can’t wait! And S. is taking me to buy my belated birthday present…a bike! We are going Sunday morning and I hope by Sunday afternoon I am tooling around town on my new bike. I’m pretty psyched.

Happy weekend, all!

ps – i’m doing some housekeeping around here this weekend so if you would like a link on my blogroll do let me know, here or via email!

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12 Responses to Fess up Friday already?

  1. noble savage says:

    I have been hearing about this mysterious neti pot but was never quite sure what it did. Thanks for the explanation! Luckily I don’t suffer from allergies but the next time I get a cold I shall remember it.

    Have a fab Friday!

  2. Dorothy W. says:

    Ooooh, a new bike! Enjoy it! Sorry about the work drama — it’s reminding me of my own recent work drama, and it’s highly, highly annoying. Stupid colleagues. I’m glad lots of people stood up for you!

  3. Enjoy the bike! I must try to ride mine this weekend *mentally schedules family bike ride for Saturday*. As for essays from your blog you will find many. You are a natural essayist.

  4. Your desk sounds like mine. Maybe we should both take a picture of it, publish it on our blogs and feel so ashamed that the desk will be forver tidy.

  5. yogamum says:

    I cleaned my desk yesterday and it was AWEEOME (joining you in the capitalization spree). Seriously, I was so much more productive yesterday after I cleaned the desk.

    Also must ride bike this weekend!!! Hope you get a cute one!

  6. Cam says:

    Sorry for the stressful work thing. I had a very stupid episode because of someone very petty who decided to kvetch all the way up & down the org chart about me. But, I learned the lesson before about what you write in email when angry and the other person apparently hasn’t, so I know that in the end I “won”. Even though I shouldn’t be looking at it as win/lose. What a waste of energy for 3 days. Jeez!

    Reading GirlInTheCafe’s suggestion about taking pictures, I picked up my phone and took pictures of my office. I don’t think there is anyway that I would ever publish the one of my credenza: picture stacks and stacks of paper,that just get repiled when the fall, each time a slightly less organized fashion. My actual work area though, is not so bad since I cleaned it last week and decided to reinstitute my policy of cleaning up the desk every Friday. We’ll see if I make it more than 2 weeks.

    Oh – and the best picture I took was out the window! Enjoy that new bike!

  7. I haven’t written my Fess yet. Late at everything. But I did a post on poetry and terrorism. Sure, add me to your wonderful blogroll as I explore your long list of wonderful places.

  8. I love your blog’s new look. Absolutely love it. I haven’t been here in days, I’m losing time rapidly and I don’t know where it goes.

  9. NS – Yes, definitely search it out next time you feel a cold coming on – the theory is all colds start in the nose and this is a good way to “clean out” the system before it becomes full-fledged..
    Dorothy – I love my new bike. LOVE it. I am going for a bike ride after work today, as a matter of fact…
    Charlotte – thanks. I think I am going to slowly try and write a couple of essays before the end of the year.
    Ingrid – I didn’t take a picture but that was a splendid idea…I just might do so next time!
    Yogamum – the bike is cute although not as cute as this mint green one I loved…but I went for a cheaper model until I know if I’m going to use it for more than going to get ice cream
    Cam – LOL, my desk was a mess by Sunday but it’s better again today…dh and I share the space so we both have to make an effort.
    Writer reading – consider it done!
    Elementary – thank you so much! I want to search out a different picture for the header but that will have to wait a few weeks.

  10. Cam says:

    Please include me on your blogroll. Thanks.

  11. Emily Barton says:

    Well, here are two more for the “Of course I have it, because Emily does, too” book: 1. since moving to PA, I am suddenly suffering from allergies for the first time in my life. I’ve been informed this is one of the worst areas for it. My doctor suggested I might want to try a neti pot or just some saline nasal spray. I started with the latter, but may resort to the former, since you say it works so well. 2. You could be describing my desk, sans the invitations, which is at the “HAVE to get it in order” stage and is #1 on my list of things before I start work tomorrow.

  12. smithereens says:

    I’d heard about the neti pot but definitely find the saline spray more appealing. We use the same method to wash the baby nose but he screams murder everytime we do it. More natural method maybe, but not accepted from birth I guess!

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