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Sssh! Be Quiet! S. is studying for the bar exam!

What? You think he can’t hear you? You think maybe I’ve lost my mind just the slightest bit? We are, after all, connected only by the internet? Well, you would be surprised. Yes, you with the annoying, gum-snapping habit and … Continue reading

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Fess up Friday – –

So after returning from vacation I returned to a shit storm at work of such epic proportions that any freshness and/or resolve I had crumbled. I think it’s safe to say I no longer feel quite so rested or relaxed. … Continue reading

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all rested and relaxed

these are the first words i’ve typed in ten days. I had a wonderful vacation, which included two ice cream cones, two margaritas, too many vodka tonics, three amazing dogs, at least five stories told to me by my parents … Continue reading

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Fessing up, and adieu

I owe a fess up Friday for really the last two weeks since I didn’t post on the 4th of July… My novel: It moves slowly and surely. In the last two weeks I managed to find some good chunks … Continue reading

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A Peculiar Grace

Lately it seems to be taking me an extraordinarily long time to finish reading books and I think this is the least I’ve read in a year. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m writing so much more but it’s … Continue reading

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Guiding principles in the workplace

That title makes me want to go back to bed. I’ve been wanting to write about work for a while now but wasn’t really sure how to separate the many issues I want to discuss. I’m still not sure how … Continue reading

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