Fess up Friday – –

So after returning from vacation I returned to a shit storm at work of such epic proportions that any freshness and/or resolve I had crumbled. I think it’s safe to say I no longer feel quite so rested or relaxed. I returned from vacation with a resolve of steel – I would write every day. I would exercise every day. Chores around the house wouldn’t grow out of my control.I would read more, and watch television less. I would live In The Moment. I think it’s safe to absolutely none of this happened. I’m hoping for an easier weekend and upcoming week.

On novel-writing: I managed at the very least to reacquaint myself with my novel, reminding myself where I am and what needs to happen in Chapter 10, which I need to complete. I’ve also decided to send one of the chapters off to a contest I just learned about…the contest deadline is in a few days, which means i can’t procrastinate writing by messing around with the chapter forever, but it’s a publication I’ve submitted to before and received encouraging words from both editors. I doubt anything will happen with it but it’s good practice since I haven’t submitted anything in so long. So, on the advice of my friend Kim I am going to try being more specific with my writing goals each week. Here goes: This week I will complete Chapter 10 of my novel, prepare whatever I need to prepare to begin chapter 11, and submit a chapter to a contest!

On reading: After hearing about this series from a colleague and a few book bloggers, I started the first in the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I’m not sure how I feel about it but I’ve read so many raves that I will keep on. I’ve been so exhausted from work this week I don’t think any book would really appeal to me!

On blogging: I have this dream that someday I will blog more regularly and keep up with my blog reading. If it happens you’ll find out only by more frequent posts and comments from me, but until then I just keep doing how I do.

On work writing: bah. humbug. Let’s all quit working and form a commune and write our novels together. We will grow our own food and make rustic, beautiful meals and drink wine with lunch and be a village that raises our children together. We will never wear nylons or heels or say words like transparency and elevating the brand.

Hope you all have lovely weekends –

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18 Responses to Fess up Friday – –

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  2. Pete says:

    Ah well at least you didn’t make the mistake I made today, which was to have two beers (and some brandy tart) for lunch and then expect to come back and be productive at my desk. Of course I only realised it was brandy tart after I had eaten it. Anyway, good luck with Chapter 10 and ch 11 and the contest. Setting goals is definitely the way to go here.

  3. Speaking as a fan of the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency, I can say that Precious Ramotswe is probably exactly what you need from your reading right now: it is gentle, funny and well-written. Relax and enjoy it!

    As for the writing goals, hooray! I look forward to hearing more.

    And that commune? I’d like to join it please.

  4. Emily says:

    I never wear nylons or heels if I can help it. I’m in.

  5. Yes let’s all quit our jobs indeed! When do we start that commune?
    It never ceases to amaze me how fast after a holiday you feel you desperately need a holiday again!

  6. Cam says:

    Good for you for making specific goals. But, man, they sound ambitious for one week!

    Can I join the commune too? Without it I’m sure that none of my story ideas will ever make it to completion. Sigh!.

    Glad that one doesn’t need to commune to not wear nylons. Heels? Yep, have some on today (& I’m wearing jeans!) but this pair is comfortable. And, (oh this is so bad and probably worthy of a post on What We Said), but I like being able to look my boss and other (all male, of course) managers right in the eye when having disputes. Heels don’t make up the 8 – 12 inch differences in height, but it gets me closer.

  7. smithereens says:

    Hurray for the commune! With the pregnancy and maternity leave I have forgotten everything about wearing heels for a few months and I don’t miss them at all…

  8. Emily Barton says:

    Oh yes, I want to join that commune. Sounds like so much fun, and maybe I’d finally be able to complete a novel,rather than just starting another one for the 100th time.

  9. yogamum says:

    I’m in for the commune. If someone else will do the laundry, I’ll cook!!!

  10. Dorothy W. says:

    I’ll join that commune right away! I won’t be writing my novel there, but I could find something to do, surely. Sorry about the work mess …

  11. Make Tea Not War says:

    I want to join the commune too!

  12. I’m completely onboard with the commune idea. Let’s go now.

    As for The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series, I read the first one, found it charming and sort of cozy, and never picked up another one. I hope you have better luck than I.

  13. Litlove says:

    I’m in for the commune, but I didn’t actually finish the No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency. I really wanted to like it, honest. And don’t worry, the novel awaits you whenever you are ready (just as your blogging friends do too).

  14. nova says:

    Being more specific with weekly writing goals is really helpful advice. (It inspired me to set some of my own, so thanks!)

    Exciting about the contest! My fingers are crossed for you!

    Hey, when you start that writing commune could you let me know? I don’t know how much longer I can last in this day-job life I’m living…

  15. Andi says:

    Commune, did someone say commune? i’m in – and I’m not kidding. I’m building just such a place . . . more on my blog.

  16. Paul, ah I made that mistake once this year already when I had a margarita at lunch and had to return to work…turned out completely ineffectual!
    Charlotte – I was hoping you would join my commune! Although I’ve turned from the detective agency to another book that grabbed my attention more quickly…
    Emily – I envy you a nylons and heel-free life, but then again I know you have your hands full!
    Ingrid – hurrah for the commune! Let’s begin immediately.
    Cam, yes, I don’t think I’ll be reaching my goals after all, but I will at least submit to the contest. turns out life keeps getting in the way!
    Smithereens – I guess the one redeeming feature re: heels is they can be so fun to purchase…
    Emily – we both need to finish our novels. I’d make a pact but like I do with reading challenges, I’m sure I’d end up punking out –
    Yogamum – you don’t have to do anything except lead our yoga sessions!
    Dorothy – thanks. It was ridiculous. RIDICULOUS.
    Ms.Make Tea – it wouldn’t be perfect if you didn’t join!
    Andi – I’m not having much luck with that book either, I must admit!
    Litlove – I’ve had to turn to another book as well – something about the No 1 ladies just isn’t capturing me the way I thought it would after all I read…
    Nova – how we do our day jobs, I have no idea. I feel badly complaining about it but honestly, it’s impossible to strike a decent balance.
    Andi – I’m headed your way right now…

  17. Steph says:

    I’m in for the commune, too. I will babysit the children and walk the dogs. I still might want to wear heels sometimes, but only because they make me feel pretty on occasion. Nylons are a big fat N-O.

    I love the paragraph about the commune. I want to make it my Facebook status update.

    A novel about a commune would be cool.

    Elevating the brand…Ewww.

    “Detective Agency”: I didn’t like it…

  18. LK says:

    Glad you had a nice vacay. Just keep going. I’m out here, going through I don’t know what. But it’s nice to know other writers are sharpening their pencils and their wits.

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