My life, in bullets

All hail the fabulous Ms. Make Tea Not War who creates such fabulous and entertaining bullet lists when she doesn’t have time to blog that I feel encouraged to do so in lieu of absolutely no post at all, although I certainly will not do nearly as well as she…so, some random bullet points from me:

  • We may put in an offer on a house tomorrow. Or we may not. We will be making our decision tonight. Said house is a hundred year old Victorian in stellar condition structurally and terrible condition decoratively, begging the questions – can one live with olive green walls for a while in exchange for a new roof? Can one live with astroturf on the front and back porch for year in exchange for the most amazing dining room chandelier ever made? Of course beyond these considerations we must crunch further numbers while imaging potential heating crises and things of that nature.
  • I believe I am doing quite good work at my job but I continually forget to do my “weekly reports” – a weekly catalogue of all I’ve accomplished for supervisors and others-higher-up to review. It’s stupid because I have lots and lots of great stuff going on but I really am my father’s child…I guess our weekly report is his equivalent of attendance sheets when he was a teacher? Or syllabi? He hated doing those things. I don’t hate doing my weekly report but I do forget to do it regularly and I just received a message with lots of exclamation points on my blackberry reminding me of the fact.
  • Last night I watched “Philadelphia” on American Movie Classics. Man, that was a great movie. It made me nostalgic for movies from the eighties and nineties…is it just me or are movies nowadays just not as good? “Philadelphia” was a movie with an ARGUMENT, you know? It was its own persuasive essay – the first time AIDS patients were shown with families, lovers, jobs…the relationship between Tom Hank’s character and Denzyl Washington? Just brilliant. I totally skipped dinner and just watched the whole entire thing. I remember my dad coming home from seeing that movie and crying, you know? Just, crying. He had always been fairly prejudice against homosexuals and fairly open about it in our house and then he came home from that movie with my mom and could barely even talk – it changed his whole perspective. A movie with an argument, a whole POINT to be made.
  • I’m reading another Jeffrey Lent novel – Come the Fall. Much better in the first 45 pages than A Peculiar Grace and I really enjoyed that book. The writing in the current read is absolutely stunning.
  • My poor novel characters. I am the slowest novel writer ever. I left Anna, the main character, in the midst of a panic attack. I have no doubt she would appreciate it if I would come and rescue her but I just haven’t had the time.
  • I leave for Boston on Saturday for five days and I am not ready in a single capacity…from a work point of view to a packing point of view to even a laundry mat point of view. It’s really a sorry state of affairs. But everything will be taken care of – it always is – so in the meantime if you have any great restaurant recommendations in Boston, I’ll take them happily!
  • I can’t deal with Sarah Palin. Seriously…I just can’t. I will get around to writing about her when I my strength has  returned but right now I am so utterly blown away that
  1. (hey, a sublist!) – her hockey-mom pitt bull lipstick insanity has somehow caught on and has women actually identifying with her, and
  2. McCain actually assumes women will vote for her simply BECAUSE she’s a woman, and
  3. women actually seem okay with this under-estimation, and
  5. you know, no choice should be allotted to seventeen year old inner city rape victims, and
  6. her condensation, her absolute abhorrence for community service, and
  7. her reasoning that she has foreign policy experience because of Alaska’s proximity to Russia, and then
  8. her CALLING RUSSIA OUT, because, seriously
  9. that’s like ME going all nutso on Canada because, you know, I could SEE it when I lived in Detroit,
  10. that I have to wait for my rage and my worry to subside before I write about it properly.
  • And…I think that’s it. Michigan State won their football game on Saturday and the Steelers won on Sunday. I am having fever dreams about glass doorknobs and gardening next summer and for the time being anyway I am completely unable to write a cohesive blog post. All things come with time, right?
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14 Responses to My life, in bullets

  1. “is it just me or are movies nowadays just not as good?”
    Well, I used to think that- and began to avoid movie theatres until I realised that it’s mainstream, commercial films that are not good anymore. They’re halfhearted, only made to draw money and with no flair or inspiration or originality. I watch a lot of movies that are not made in Hollywood, and since I love subtitles I have discovered a world of films out there that don’t seem to have suffered the same fate of mediocrity.

    If I start writing on your points 1 – 10, I will never stop. Suffice to say that I am shocked, horrified, that people would be drawn to anybody based on gender. I always believe the best in people, and then they flock to somebody solely because she’s a woman.

  2. Katie says:

    Victorian! I love it. Astroturf…haha, are you serious?

  3. I’m holding thumbs for the chandelier house. It sounds amazing, despite the astroturf. If it’s any comfort, my main character has been left in the middle of a spectacularly unsuccessful dinner-party for about six weeks. I need to rescue her. And we need to meet off-post and commit to finishing our novels!

  4. Cam says:

    I think that all I can sputter about the Reuplican ticket is this: I’m convinced that John McCain has utterly, completely, totally, lost his f’ing mind! And any shred of decency he might have had went with it. How dare he suggest that those who disagree with him are ‘disrespectful’. As a voter I have never felt more disrespected by a candidate ever. I think he is worse than Nixon. I think I just raised my blood pressure about 20 points. I have to stop!

  5. Make Tea Not War says:

    Oh, I like the sublist! A fresh twist on the bullet point genre as it were. I am utterly appalled by Sarah Palin- she seems like a fringe lunatic but her recent elevation scares me with the thought that her views might be mainstream. The only thing that gives me hope is the fact that you and other sensible people from the US seem equally appalled and I just hope when the votes are counted sanity prevails because who rules the US effects the entire world.

  6. couchtrip says:

    Nice list (and sublist). I think (and hope and pray) that America will see the light and not vote for Palin. One thing about this election though which is quite amazing is that Obama’s blackness doesn’t seem to be so much an issue anymore. I mean, he’s a raging conservative compared to Palin. I feel for your character, I really do. Perhaps you should send her to a shrink (or at least her best friend who can hold her hand and say it’s ok). Maybe she can mentally conjure up said best friend or whatever. I’ve forgotten the other points now but I liked them. Pete

  7. sadie says:

    Hello! What an enjoyable post! Feeling a little distracted and unfocused myself these days, I plan to glom onto this bullet strategy for my next post. ~ I once put an offer in on a house (despite many misgivings) because it had a couple of old fashioned windows in the kitchen…the kind with shutters you throw open from the inside and a retractable screen that pulled down from the top. Oh, and the kitchen also had a built-in booth instead of space for a table. My offer was accepted and I lived very happily in that house for almost ten years— thoroughly enjoying my booth and never tiring of throwing open those windows!! Let’s hear it for the amazing chandelier! ~ Don’t get me started on Palin. But if anyone wants a regular dose of Palin-scrutiny from someone who knows the facts and is on the scene, check out an Alaskan reporter’s blog called Mudflats. It’s quite heartening and the commentary is feisty and full of informative links.

    ~sadie (BTW, I found you at couch trip.)

  8. laura says:

    Yay for the house! Walls can be painted and astroturf can be replaced!

    Now go rescue Anna from that panic attack. That can’t be healthy! 🙂

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  10. Litlove says:

    House sounds very exciting – it’s fun, doing it up the way you want, although it does take time. But it is amazing what you can live with. And I laughed about the character having a panic attack, although that’s possibly mean of me.

  11. Becca says:

    Hello! I’m here by way of Sadie’s, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this – especially your wonderful diabtribe about Sarah Palin.

    I want very badly to post about my feelings, but I get so livid I become absolutely incoherent.

  12. *cheeeeering* at the Palin rant! Seriously. That was a thing of beauty. Oh, and I resorted to a Bullet Blitz today at Tripping Toward Lucidity because I had nary the motivation to blog. Yours is decidedly more entertaining.

  13. Courtney says:

    Elementary – I might need some movie recommendations from you then. I do love the movies and would like to find my old passion for them!
    Katie – serious as a heart attack! It’s in one of the rooms as well.
    Charlotte – yes. As soon as I land in Boston today I will email you about finishing our novels!
    Cam – we are all going to be on blood pressure medicine before November 4! I took the day off of work because I know I wouldn’t get anything done.
    Ms. Make Tea – I am VERY nervous about this election – VERY. More on why soon.
    Pete – hmm, send Anna to a shrink? Good idea but I already have more characters than I can handle…
    Sadie – welcome! I look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you!
    Laura – I am trying to rescue her…really, I am!
    Litlove – I am glad you laughed – it is supposed to be a bit funny 🙂
    Andi – I read yours. I disagree re: entertainment value.

  14. Smithereens says:

    As a foreigner, your comments on Pallin’s Alaskan foreign policy experience cracks me up until I realize, uh-oh, that she might actually have to deal with us complicated, loose-moralled, dangerously socialists Europeans!

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