Let me get this straight…

I just received the brilliant forward below. I think this is the first time I have ever posted an email forward but that’s okay. Real-ish post below, and I’ll be responding to all comments to below post today or tomorrow. In the mean time, here …

I’m a little confused. Let me see if I have this straight…..


* If you grow up in Hawaii, raised by your grandparents, you’re “exotic, different.”

* Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, a quintessential American story.

* If your name is Barack, you’re a radical, unpatriotic Muslim.

* Name your kids Willow, Trig and Track, you’re a maverick.

* Graduate from Harvard Law School and you are unstable.

* Attend 5 different small col leges before graduating, you’re well-grounded.

* If you spend 3 years as a brilliant community organizer, become the first black President of the Harvard Law Review, create a voter registration drive that registers 150,000 new voters, spend 12 years as a Constitutional Law professor, spend 8 years as a State Senator representing a district with over 750,000 people, become chairman of the state Senate’s Health and Human Services committee, spend 4 years in the United States Senate representing a state of 13 million people while sponsoring 131 bills and serving on the Foreign Affairs, Environment and Public Works and Veteran’s Affairs committees, you don’t have any real leadership experience.

* If your total resume is: local weather girl, 4 years on the city council and 6 years as the mayor of a town with less than 7,000 people, 20 months as the governor of a state with only 650,000 people, then you’re qualified to become the country’s second highest ranking executive.

* If you have been married to the same woman for 19 years while raising 2 beautiful daughters, all within Protestant churches, you’re not a real Christian.

* If you cheated on your first wife with a rich heiress, and left your disfigured wife and married the heiress the next month, you’re a Christian.

* If you teach responsible, age-appropriate sex education, including the proper use of birth control, you are eroding the fiber of society.

* If , while governor, you staunchly advocate abstinence only, with no other option in sex education in your state’s school system while your unwed teen daughter ends up pregnant, you’re ve ry responsible.

* If your wife is a Harvard graduate lawyer who gave up a position in a prestigious law firm to work for the betterment of her inner-city community, then gave that up to raise a family, your family’s values don’t represent America’s.

* If your husband is nicknamed “First Dude,” with at least one DWI conviction and no college education, who didn’t register to vote until age 25 and once was a member of a group that advocated the secession of Alaska from the USA, your family is extremely admirable.
OK, much clearer now.

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16 Responses to Let me get this straight…

  1. lvmg (Lizzy) says:

    Very depressing. It’s scary to think that she may actually win.

  2. oh says:

    Yes and remember that being PTA president also qualifies you, more than anyone else, to be second in line to lead the country.

    Great forward.
    Now I’m forwarding your entry. We gotta make some noise.

  3. Dorothy W. says:

    Oh, God, I’m not sure I can handle this …

  4. Cam says:

    How about adding:

    If you take the high road and refuse to use Rovian-style politics, you’re not ‘hitting hard enough’.

    If you repeat the same falsehoods at every opportunity, you’re not a liar, but if one of your spokespeople voices her opinion about political experience and corporate leadership not being the same thing, your top campaign aide says that she will ‘disappear’.

    If you offer something different to the American public, it’s just an empty slogan.

    But if you offer the same thing but use your opponent’s theme, that’s real change.

    If you want to deal with the real issues that are important to people — economy, war, healthcare — and happen to use a commonly used metaphor in one speech, you’re being disrespectful and sexist. (It’s a Republican metaphor and therefore offlimits.)

    If your opponent declines to campaign in the way that you want, it’s his fault that you then choose to run a campaign so sleazy that even Karl Rove says you have gone too far.

    If you have served on the Senate Foreign Relations committee, you don’t have foreign policy experience.

    But, if you can see a frozen chunk of Siberia from the windows of your $500K home a chunk of tundra, you are ready to stare down Vladmir Putin.

    If you propose a tax cut policy that reduces taxes for people making less than $250K, you are going to raise taxes on everything.

    But, if your tax plan doesn’t change for people earning less than $45K, but gives approximately $500 back if you earn over $500,000, then that’s a real tax cut (because obviously, anyone who earns less than $500K doesn’t need a tax break; must not be working hard enough to support our stable economy).

    If there are major failures on Wall Street and you propose more regulations, you don’t understand the economy.

    But, if you suggest that the American economy is sound because we have good workers, (have all of the workers been on vacation or something for the last 13 months?) and you have been a supporter of the de-regulation that has brought about the worst bank crash since 1930’s, you blame your opponent’s policies and ‘big government’.

    If you build a grass-roots network, making the best use of new media, its not important.

    But if you say that you don’t know how to use a computer, you’re somehow responsible for innovations like blackberries.

    If you advocate for transparency in government dealings, you don’t understand how Washington works.

    But if your running mate has conducted government business using private email so that she can avoid having to release information under FOI laws, she is a maverick who will fight corruption.

    If you happen to work at the same university as a respected professor who was a radical in the 60s, live in the same (univeristy) neighborhood and have served on community boards with this person, your politics, patriotism, and loyalty need to be questioned because you might have been influenced by him.

    But, if you rely on your spouse for input into state budget decisions and other government business, it shouldn’t be questioned that he is your chief advisor because you ‘don’t blink’ at making decisions.

    I could go on ……

    It’s scary that we don’t have to make this up because it is real. The McPain team are turning the world upside down.

  5. oh says:

    Glad you took the time to add this, Cam. Onward!

  6. mari says:

    Hi there! Someone forwarded me the same message last night. I’m hoping the Palin-mania is going to cool down soon.

  7. Andi says:

    OH YES! This is going to my unlikely activist blog IMMEDIATELY.

  8. Courtney says:

    All right ladies, spread the word! Yes We Can!

  9. Stefanie says:

    You go Courtney! I am terrified of McCain and Palin winning this election. I have had several arguments with my mother who thinks McCain is an adequate choice since she can’t vote for Hillary. I haven’t gotten her to see the light yet, but I won’t give up!

  10. Emily Barton says:

    If you haven’t already seen it, check out this blog http://womenagainstsarahpalin.blogspot.com/. It’s what’s giving me hope these days…

  11. debra says:

    My friends and I joke that if another Republican is voted into the White House, we will be moving out of the country. But I’m not sure I’m joking…

  12. ladyfi says:

    Argh.. wonderful list but scary news! Britain was never the same after the Thatcher years.. hope it doesn’t happen over there in the US:

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